Sunday, November 16, 2014

Panamanian American Academic Network (PANAM Network), helping student in Panamá

Forwarded from the American Society of Panama, GOD BLESS the children of Panamá
Remitió de la Sociedad Americana de Panamá, Dios bendiga a los niños de Panamá:
Item of Interest: PANAM Network Outstanding Students Profiled
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Note: "Items of Interest" sent out by the American Society to its membership are activities, news bulletins or items/events not sponsored by the American Society but deemed of interest to our community.

Cc: Jorge Brathwaite ; MLH_Gmail #2
Subject: PANAM Network Outstanding Students Profiled
Dear Amsoc Members:
Attached please find a press release from Panam Network, a US-based organization that provides scholarships, leadership and life skills training to needy but educationally motivated students in the marginalized City of Colón.
We are forwarding it, as it features one of the students
- Jorge Daniels - we currently support with a scholarship, thanks to your generosity.
Panam Network is looking for sponsors, which is $25 per month per student. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated as a one-time donation, or ongoing. There is much need in Colon, as many students don't have the financial support at home. They use the funds for bus fare, or meals, as some go to school without breakfast; or supplies for projects.
Panam Network/supporters/mentors have been doing wonders for these kids, & we hope we can count on you as one.
Contributions are eligible for USA tax deduction and can be made online.
Any questions, feel free to contact me.
Gracias/agradecida/thank you
Marcia Henry, MA

Friends and Supporters,
It is with much pride and joy that I introduce your to some of the students that we have had the pleasure to meet and learn how truly motivated they are to be somebody despite many hardships.
I trust that you are equally as elated with the results of our efforts in Colon as we at PANAM Network are. Feel free to circulate as we believe that once aware, others will be inclined to support our efforts with their time, talents and /or treasure .
The Power to Make a Difference in the Lives of Panamanian Children
Panamanian American Academic Network (PANAM Network)
(501(c-3) tax-exempt organization)

PRESS RELEASE # 19, November 12, 2014
PANAM Network proudly introduces three of the student gems who are active participants in our initiatives in Colon, Republic of Panama. These three students are shining examples of the dormant talent that would remain untapped and undeveloped were it not for the efforts of those who believe that we can make a difference in Colon, if only we dare to try.
Our Shining Stars of whom we are exceedingly proud:
1. Student Jorge Daniels: A 16-year old student in ninth grade at Colegio Abel Bravo, where he has the second highest grade point average (4.7) of all the students in his grade group which has close to one thousand students. Colegio Abel Bravo is the most historically prestigious secondary school in the city of Colon. PANAM Network recognized the talents of Jorge and arranged for Don and Gloria Inniss to be a monthly stipend sponsor as well as a mentor for Jorge.
ASPIRES: To be a doctor.
2. Student Mileyka Santizo Hall: An 11-year old, 5th grade student in the rural community of New Providence who has overcome many obstacles living with an extended family and a single unemployed mother. It was not long ago that Mileyka had to arise at 4:00 am to catch a bus, travel on an unpaved road, to get to school by 7:00am. Despite these impediments she has been on the honor roll since 1st grade. She is the highest grade point average student in her school (4.7) and a model student with a radiant personality. Her PANAM Network sponsor is Cecilia Dyett.
ASPIRES: To be a doctor and perhaps President of Panama.
3. Student Stefany Guerna: A 10-year old student at Republic of Uruguay Elementary School, Stefani is in the 4th grade and has a 4.7 grade point average which is one of the highest in her school. She lives in the city of Colon in a building scheduled for demolition that rocks every time a bus passes by. Stefani has been part of multiple PANAM Network Programs having recently been invited to be a stipend recipient and part of the monthly “ I am the leader of my life” Leadership Program implemented by PANAM Network in 2013. Sponsor is Allstate Foundation – Her Schultz.
ASPIRES: To be an educator
There are others who could benefit from a sponsor. Is it time for you to be a sponsor?
PANAM Network’s Vision
It is possible that despite our best efforts
We may not be able to change the world!
But we can certainly change the world of a child!
Child-by-child! If only we dare to try!
We welcome you to join us and try!
We thank our contributors and general supporters for their continued trust in lending a hand to make a difference, despite tremendous odds in the city of Colon. Your support makes it possible for the efforts of PANAM Network to reach and touch the lives of students in ways that we never even imagined. Contributions are accepted on line or by mail to: PO Box 268121, Weston FL 33326.
Blessings / Bendiciones
Jorge Brathwaite President
PANAM Network
PO Box 268121
Weston, FL. 33326 or .com
The American Society of Panama
"Americans and Friends United Abroad"

Friday, November 14, 2014

US Marines from the American Embassy are doing their Toys For Tots Drive & Elks Lodge news

Balboa Elks news:

It’s that time of the year again where our yearly Christmas Drives become active again.

The US Marines from the American Embassy are doing their Toys For Tots Drive again this year.

We will have their box set up in the club reading room and their deadline will be Friday the 19th of December.  They are requesting toys for between child and teenage for the orphanage they sponsor.
Also nothing electrical or battery operated and not gifted wrapped.

Woody Dejernette’s Christmas Drive is going to El Barnisal de Calobre in the Veraguas Province this year.  His cutoff date is also Friday, 19 December as they are heading up on the 20th.

He is requesting toys, clothing for children, shoes, and including monetary donation which can be placed in an envelope with his name on the envelope and left behind the bar.

Again, no electrical or battery operated toys or other items.  There will be a poster board on the wall of the club room with a box for the donations.  There will be about 60 infants in the 1 to 4 year old range, and 110 children from 5 to 13 years old.

The monetary donation will allow Woody to purchase clothing and other items as they see what has been donated.

Ginny Ann Jackson also has a Christmas Drive going for the Malombo Orphanage out in Chorrera.
A box will be set up for toys and clothing for orphans.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Last gates for canal expansion arrive


Last gates for canal expansion arrive
THE LAST four lock gates for the completion of the Panama Canal expansion, running a year late late, arrived Wednesday. November 13 country from Italy. President of Juan Carlos Varela, was there to receive the giant structures structures.

 "Today is a historic day when we not only receive the gates but we get closer to this new era of our expanded Canal which will bring better days for all Panamanians," Varela said.
With this shipment from Trieste the delivery of all 16 gates, made in Italy by the company Cimolai, to be used in the new Panama Canal locks are completed.

"This is an important milestone because it is the last of the most critical components of the project and once installed all gates will fill the locks with water and we will begin testing" the new channel, said Canal Authority administrator Jorge Quijano.

The Panama route, through which passes 5% of world sea trade is being expanded for vessels up to 14,000 containers, triple the capacity of those which can now passthrough the canal.

The work, estimated at $5,250 million, involves the construction of a third set of locks for Panamax vessels, equivalent to four football fields, to cross the 80 kilometers waterway