Friday, November 29, 2013

From the internet:

Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Hardwell Hit Panama’s Day After Festival

Some of the biggest names in dance music hit Panama in January for Disco Donnie Presents’ growing Central American marquee event
Think large-scale dance music festivals reached their zenith in 2013? Think again. 2014 will kick off in a big way for EDM fans up for something a little different just after New Year’s Eve celebrations, Panama’s Day After Festival. The event takes place January 10th through 12th at Figali Plaza in Panama City, Panamá and promises to thrill, with a lineup that boasts some of the biggest names in the game, including Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Hardwell and Martin Garrix.
Panamanian promoters Showpro have partnered with Disco Donnie Presents for The Day After Festival (TDA), which promises to thrill adventure seeking American and European EDM fans alike via a stellar lineup crossed with an exotic vacation vibe, which features heavily in a You Tube teaser for the festival that has already drawn over 100,000 views online since the trailer hit the web earlier this fall.
“Panama City is natural fit for a large scale electronic dance music event and TDA represents our commitment to producing such events in Central America. We’re thankful to have found a top-tier partner in Showpro, a company with a lot of history of producing EMC events in the region, and one we have a lot of respect for,” said Donnie Estopinal, CEO and founder of Disco Donnie Presents in a statement.
This week, the full lineup has been revealed, and the lineup shows Estopinal’s pull with booking agents for TDA, only in its 2nd year. Names such as Dutch titans Nicky Romero, Dyro and Dannic will share the spotlight with the aforementioned headliners, and the ladies are not forgotten either at TDA (see Nervo, Anna Lunoe and rising LA-based talent Jack Novak).

Full lineup below, tickets and more information at

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Filming of Roberto Duran Movie in Panama

From Prensa Latina via internet, looks like the translator got some words "out of sync"?  I thought De Niro was going to play Duran? :

Robert De Niro begins filming in Panama – Hands of Stone
Robert De Niro begins filming in Panama – Hands of Stone

Panama, Nov. 19 (Prensa Latina) U.S. actor Robert de Niro and immersed himself in his role as Ray Arcel, coach Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran Hands of Stone, in the film Hands of Stone rolling in Panama Jonathan Jakubowicz.De Niro came to Panama yesterday and today participates in the filming of scenes involving him in the film that recreates the life of Panamanian puncher, a national legend. This part of the film takes place in the Harmodios Arias Madrid Campus, University of Panama, with participation of the Venezuelan Edgar Ramirez in the title role of Duran and Ruben Blades who plays Carlos Eleta, attorney for the boxer. The film started filming on October 20 and has spent very popular in places like Santa Ana, San Felipe, El Chorrillo, Bella Vista and the building of the Canal Administration, plus Portobelo in Colon province. Jakubowicz, also from Venezuela and also author of the script, is credited as director Kidnapping Express, which launched him successfully to Roll and expects to get good match “Hands of Stone”, which is the Spanish title of the film. Durán was born 62 years ago in a poor neighborhood of Panama and became one of the most important fighters of Latin America to achieve four world titles during his career, which ran from 1967 to 2002. The film is made ​​with a budget of 14 million dollars, of which five million are going to pocket De Niro, and its release date is still unknown, according sales agency Lotus Entertainment, although Jakubowicz said that filming will end on December 20.


Recent photo of my brother Barry with Roberto Duran at Duran's Restaurante/Club one block off Via Argentina

Thursday, November 21, 2013

From U.S. Embassy: There are still over 500 Social Security recipients residing in Panama who have not returned their proof of life form.

U.S. Embassy, Panama
Consular Section
Federal Benefits Unit 

The Social Security Administration recently informed us that there are still over 500 Social Security recipients residing in Panama who  have not returned their proof of life form.   In May/June each year these forms are sent to the mailing address recipients have on record with the SSA. A second request is mailed in October.   If you have not yet returned your proof of life form, please do so immediately. The Social Security Administration will start suspending benefits effective with the payment dated February 3, 2014.

If you are receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration and wish to know if you are required to complete the proof of life form this year, or if you wish to obtain a blank formplease visit

Monday, November 18, 2013


American Citizen Services Unit
Consular Section
U.S. Embassy, Panama




The entire Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Panama will be closed to the public on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.  No routine service will be available those days in the Visas, American Citizen Services, or Federal Benefits Units.  If you are an American Citizen and have an emergency, please contact the Embassy at 317-5000 and they will put you in contact with the appropriate officer.

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, the Consular Section will resume full operations with its regular schedule (please see

Saturday, November 16, 2013

American Society of Panama Thanksgiving event

American Society of Panama Thanksgiving event, email from :

We look forward to seeing you at our

Traditional Thanksgiving Family Luncheon 

The team has worked super hard to make this a special time.
Great menu
SOFT background music by Margarito Molinar
Exquisite decorations
AND for you with little children, “a play area” 

The American Society of Panama         
Cordially invites our
 members, guests and non-members
to our
Traditional Thanksgiving Family Luncheon
Sunday 24 November 2013           12:30pm-3:30pm
Salon Taboga                                 Continental Hotel 
                                                      (Via España & Ricardo Arias)     
Donations:  Members $45                                 
                     Non-Members  $55
Children 5-11 yrs. of age $20
Children and grandchildren of all ages welcome

            Valet Parking available
Share your blessings by bringing:                                                                                      
(1) a shoe box with toiletries/goodies (US Embassy Project), or
             (2) canned goods/dry food items to be donated to our charities.
Contact us to obtain tickets at: The American Society     6747-6762               

Contact one of our Board members:
               Charlotte Pierce          6527-8906      Charles Jorge               6936-4605
              Thomas R.  Lord        6720-9253       Bill Mariano                 6477-9178
               Boston Patterson       6706-8353      Dr. Wayne Samuels   232-0622
               Hari Singh                    6758-9854      Hector Tomlinson      6801-7377  
               Benny Flores               6445-2522       Eunice Greaves           6616-1896
               Cedric Gittens             6612-5663       Marcia Henry               6672-1718    
               Dr. Charles Garcia    6618-8877       Dental Clinic–Ave. Balboa 
               Ryan D (Panama) Karnes, US Embassy Repr.                      317-5430

                “Promises” 270-7457,  Calle 74E San Francisco
               Clemencia Watson Kelley 6682-1472, Coronado Beach area     

Thank You,  
                     AmSoc Board of Directors

Thanksgiving Luncheon Menu
Corvina Ceviche with Green Grapes
Roast Beef with Peaches Platter
Potato Salad with Smoked Chicken
Mirror with Assorted Cheeses
Mixed lettuces with fruity dressing
Orzo salad with shrimp & pesto
Roasted Turkey with gravy, ground beef & raisin stuffing
Virginia glazed Ham with Black Cherries
Beef Medallion Tamarind Style
Ham Mashed Potatoes
Rice with Guandú & Coconut
Trifoliate of Vegetables
Chocolate Cheesecake
Traditional Fruit Cake
Lemon Pie
Cherry Truffle
Christmas Trunk

Subway start put back to February

From the internet:

Subway start put back to February

SERVICE on the Panama Metro, previously announced for late 2013, and then for January 2014, is now slated to start in February.
Executive Secretary of the Metro Roberto Roy made the announcement on Friday, November 15. He repeated that service will be free initially during the testing period. That period is expected to last for two months or so. No determination has been made on the fare structure, or the amount of subsidy required to keep  the subway running.
The project is currently 94 percent finished. Workers are finishing the installation of escalators and air conditioners, said Roy.
Yesterday, the first full test of the Metro took place from Albrook to Los Andes with President Ricardo Martinelli and other dignitaries on board. Lines to two additional stations are in the planning stages

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Martinelli alleged to have visited Lavitola in Rome

From the internet:

Martinelli alleged to have visited Lavitola in Rome

WHILE under house arrest in Rome, Valter Lavítola received the president of Panama, RicardoMartinelli, with an investigation under way into the alleged payment of bribes in Panama withLavitola the main intermediary say Spanish reports.
Lvaitola, Martinelli and former Italian Prime Minster BerlusconiLvaitola, Martinelli and former Italian Prime Minster Berlusconi
A Spanish journalist, found out from the former director of the newspaper Avanti (Lavitola) and told Italian prosecutors reports La Prensa.
The information, published in a Spanish magazine has opened a new investigation into the events in the Lavítola household.

Lavitola is back in jail. Government spokesmen have denied previous that Martinelli had visited the former high rolling go-between who received VIP treatment in Panama before escaping to Argentina when an arrest warrant was issued in Italy.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mariano Rivera wants Yankees to play exhibition game in Panama

Mariano Rivera wants Yankees to play exhibition game in Panama

Mariano rivera 10
In the baseball world whatever Mariano Rivera wants, Mariano Rivera gets. So when Mariano Rivera revealed his latest idea during the 19th annual Lou Gehrig Sports Awards Benefit Dinner, it sounded like the most brilliant idea of all time for the Yankees franchise.
Rivera suggested that the New York Yankees should play an exhibition game in his home country of Panama and he explained that it could happen as early as 2014.
“We’re trying to make it happen, but right now, it is not confirmed,” Rivera said. “Hopefully it will happen quickly, because we want to do it. I want to bring them back to my country and give the people in Panama a great time with the Yankees. So hopefully we can do it.”

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coronado News

Coronado News:

Last Playacommunity Mixer of 2013
The year is flying by! Seems it was only yesterday that we were sending out an email for the first Mixer of 2013. Here we are in November, for the last Mixer of 2013.

We have some exciting news about the upcoming Playacommunity Mixer. But before the details, there is something you should know.

La Teca is under new management. The news is official! They are now being handled by Small Select Hotels, who are the same people that run The Riverside Inn and The Rock restaurant in Boquette. Many people have told us that they have had exceptional experiences in those two Boquete locations, as such we have great expectations for La Teca.

Small Select Hotels is still in the process of taking things over, however they have confirmed the Playacommunity Mixer for November 27th. The menu will be a special sampler menu for $19 (plus tax).

Expect 2 x 1 drink specials from 5 pm - 7pm on local and international drinks.
Prize draws for RSVPers.

The event will begin at 5pm. If you are staying for dinner, we want to give the restaurant the best chance to prepare for you, so please use our RSVP form to let us know if you are coming and how many people are in your party. The restaurant can accommodate about 80 dinner seatings, so be sure to RSVP early.

RSVP here:

This is the last Playacommunity Mixer of the year. We will see you in December at some of the many events that take place throughout the beaches

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) & the new Panama locks

From the internet:

Bloomberg/Fuel Fix:
When the newly widened Panama Canal opens in 2015, it will handle an estimated 12 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas annually, a cargo planners didn’t even envision when starting the $5.25 billion expansion in 2007.

LNG carriers will cross the 48-mile waterway 350 times a year, and voyages to Asia from the U.S. will cost 24 percent less than longer routes, according to calculations from the canal authority. The expected 12 million tons, assuming half the transits are hauling cargoes, would be equal to about 5 percent of the world’s trade in 2012, Fearnley Consultants AS estimates.

The U.S., now the world’s largest producer of natural gas because of the extraction of fuel from shale rocks, will account for much of that traffic as it becomes the third-largest exporter of LNG by 2020, Morgan Stanley estimates. With American energy independence now at a 27-year high of 86 percent, the route will boost exports to Japan, offsetting nuclear-power generation lost after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

“There’s a huge market in Asia, a huge resource in the United States, and the Panama Canal is an enabler of this trade, reducing the cost of getting LNG to the market,” said Sverre Bjorn Svenning, an analyst at Fearnley in Oslo, who managed a research project a decade ago for the waterway’s expansion. “We didn’t see this coming.”

Construction to double the canal’s capacity is 64 percent complete, the Panama Canal Authority said on its website Sept. 10. The expanded waterway will be able to handle ships as long as 1,200 feet and as wide as 160 feet, compared with the current 965 feet and 106 feet, data on the website show.
I think Japan and China are both huge markets for LNG shipments.  This is going to be a boost for the Texas economy where gas wells currently are not being drilled because of the low price.

Monday, November 4, 2013

U.S. Panama Navy League Event

Panama Navy League Event Update

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend here in Panama and have
some exciting news to share about the next three monthly Navy League
events and a call to action for our Christmas Dinner!

Here are the bullet points to schedule into your calendars:

November 12th:

Mr. James Mattiace will be sharing some thoughts and insights on his
time in Morroco with a focus on the region's democracy movement and
how it is effecting the Western Sahara. James and his wife are recent
arrivals in Panama and we know many would like to know more about this
area of the world. He is teacher of Economics and World Politics.

This month, we'll have a Thanksgiving-inspired menu as well.

Our usual time and place apply:

7:00 pm
Le Meridien Hotel
$30 including glass of wine.
Please RSVP to this email address

December 10th:

Our Christmas Dinner and silent auction night! Please do put on your
creative thinking caps for auction items as this directly impacts our
scholarship fund for 2013 and awarded next March. We already have some
terrific items and will share more about those shortly.

Hotel nights, Spa days, gift baskets, etc. are always appreciated!

January 14th:

A very special kick off for the dry season! We are pleased to announce
a special cocktail party, book signing and presentation event with Mr.
Eric Draper, the longest serving White House photographer. He was the
proverbial "fly-on-the-wall" during all eight years of George W.
Bush's presidency including the tragic events of 911. His recently
published and well received book, "Front Row Seat," shows insights
into a president's day-to-day life along with the serious moments.

Our event will be a jacket and tie affair held on the 6th floor of Le
Meridien. Space is limited to 80 people. Tickets will include a copy
of the book so Mr. Draper can autograph and personalize your copy.
Extra copies may be ordered and are a terrific gift idea for the
history buffs or book collectors on your gift list or if you will not
be able to join us.

More details to follow!

Remember to RSVP for this month's dinner by 12:00 pm Monday the 11th.

Kind regards,

Hunter Schultz
Navy League Panama

10th province in Panama?

From the internet:

CD Flag Burned by Opponents of 10th Province


PROTESTERS against the creation of a 10th province, Panama West, took advantage of the Arraijan Independence parade on Sunday, November 3 to voice their concerns

Members of the newly formed protest group, Arraijan First Movement (MAP), followed the last school in the parade, carrying a banner that  read "No to the Tenth Region” while shouting slogans against local legislators who voted in favor of the law and burning a flag of the Democratic Change (CD) party.

Luis Gonzalez, one of the members of MAP, warned the President of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli to refrain from punishing the initiative.

Meanwhile, a few kilometers down the road in La Chorrera supporters of the tenth province, also marched, distributing stickers and showing a prototype of the flag of the possible new province.

Chorrera has been designated as the likely capital of the new province.