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Some Hotels & B&Bs in Boquete, Panama

Ladera Hotel
Some Hotels & B&Bs in Boquete:

THE HAVEN Resort, health spa,health clinic, fitness center and hotel
luxury mountain retreat, Boquete, Panama www.boquetespa.com
Phone: (001 507) 7309345 Email:
admhaven@gmail.com or thehavenboutiquehotel@gmail.com

Finca Lerida:
http://centralamerica.com/panama/hotel/fincalerida.htm E-mailto Panama@CentralAmerica.Com e-mailReservationForm Toll free from the US orCanadaat 1-888-535-8832 / 1-800-948-3770

Hotel Ladera:
Oasis B&B:

Oasis B&B:

Monday, December 30, 2013

Panama Ranked #2

From the internet:

Panama gets 2nd ranking in must see places in 2014

AS PANAMA prepares to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal, the country has rocketed to second position in the list of must visit countries in 2014.
Heading the list is Brazil, the host country for the FIFA World Cup, although fears of potential massive demonstrations against the event, similar to those that rocked the country earlier this year, may cool the ardor of some visitors.
The ranking comes from CNN.
The SS Ancon, the first ship to pass through the Canal, Augusa15, 1914. photographed in the Culebra GapThe SS Ancon, the first ship to pass through the Canal, Augusa15, 1914. photographed in the Culebra Gap
Panama is in for a year of celebration marking the official opening of the waterway joining two oceans on August 15, 2014, an event that was overshadowed by the outbreak of the First World War
Sixta Diaz, supervisor of the visitor centers of the Panama Canal says the anniversary and the expansion works will provide a fillip to tourism figures
He lists the opportunities for visitors starting with the Miraflores Visitors Center where they can learn the history, operation and impact of the waterway through attractions and modern renovated rooms, a boat simulator, a 3D theater, a wide terrace see the operation of the Canal, among others.
Then there is the new Expansion Observation Center in Colon where, says Diaz: "Visitors are witnesses to history in the making for the next 100 years with the construction of the new locks ."
In the Gatun Visitor Center visitors "live near the Canal operation, because the site has a gazebo in the middle of the action of the transit of vessels through the larger locks of the waterway."

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Panama organizations

Panama organizations:
U.S. Navy League: PTY Navy League: http://navyleaguepanama.org/
American Society of Panama: http://www.amsoc.org/
ExPats in Panama: http://www.expatsocials.com/
Panama Historical Society (No website), email:  panamahistorical@gmail.com

InterNations:  See https://www.internations.org/

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Panama Dengue Report 2013

 From the internet:

Panama Dengue Report 2013

The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that there have been a total of 3,035 cases of dengue reported through December 20 of this year.
If the math is correct, this figure is more than triple the 904 cases reported last year.

This year, the metropolitan region leads the dengue list with 752, followed by Bocas del Toro with 600, Panama West with 342, San Miguelito with 236, Herrera with 200, and Chiriqui with 194.

Health authorities launched an attack against dengue, also known as break bone fever, on December 16 with a fumigation campaign to smoke out the Aedes Egyptian mosquito, responsible for the transmission of this infectious tropical disease.

New Panama Canal locks Cost Over runs.

Panama Canal's Cost Overruns Complaints Reach $1.4 BillionPDFImprimirE-Mail
Imagen activaPanama, Dic 27 (Prensa Latina) Cost overruns complaints by the consortium Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC), the main contractor responsible for the design and construction of the Panama Canal''s third set of locks, reached the $1.4 billion, official forces reported today.
The original GUPC lawsuit for $585.9 million due to delays caused by a problems in the quality of concrete used was withdrawn early December but they have been taken now to the Dispute Adjudication Board, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) confirmed.

The Canal's extension works were delayed for eight months due to these conflicts and its termination is now scheduled for June 2015 instead of October 2014.

The second lawsuit, this time worth 850 million, 135 more than expected, was filed by the GUPC to the ACP last Tuesday, due to several factors that according to the consortium have an impact on the works' cost and deadline.

ACP manager Jorge Luis Quijano, the litigant entity will meet the first half of January to follow up the complaint.

In the design and construction contract for the new set of locks, it was established the first level to present a complaint would be the ACP, then the Board and finally, international arbitration.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Fe, Veraguas, Panama

From the internet, good informacion:

Santiago & Santa Fe, Veraguas, Panama
The village of Santa Fe, in the mountains of Veraguas. Just over an hour north of the city of Santiago, Santa Fe is about 1,300 feet above sea level, temperatures ranging from the 70s to the 80s.  Santiago is about a 3 hour drive west of Panama City.
The expat community here has grown slowly. The ones I met were friendly and supportive, but their homes were scattered around town. Some are snowbirds, spending only part of the year here. In Santa Fe, your neighbors will usually be locals...and they will likely to do a little farming or raise chickens (or both).
And because it's barely on the tourist or expat radar, Santa Fe remains extremely inexpensive. A two-bedroom home of about 900 square feet can cost 50% less here than in Boquete, where you're likely to spend $175,000 to $250,000. The major supermarket in Santiago is modern and features a variety of products, including some hard-to-find items like soya. But the prices are among the lowest in the entire nation.

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Message From the U.S. Embassy in Panama: on the Affordable Health Care Act

From the U.S. Embassy in Panama:

Message for U.S. Citizens: Implications Overseas of Affordable Health Care Act
Dear American Citizens:

Many of you have questions about the implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) for U.S. citizens residing abroad.  In order to help answer them, the Department of State has posted on its travel.state.gov website information provided by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with links to further information resources.  You can read it at http://travel.state.gov/travel/living/living_1234.html#affordable

For general information about the ACA, visit the HHS website at http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/index.html

For tax issues related to ACA, see the ACA page within the IRS website at http://www.irs.gov/uac/Affordable-Care-Act-Tax-Provisions-Home


The American Citizen Services Team

Panama U.S. Navy League

Panama U.S. Navy League:

Second Tuesday Dinner -- Investing in LNG -- January 14, 2014

Please plan on joining Navy League Panama's monthly dinner on January 14th at 7:00pm as we are delighted to have the LNG Segment Leader in the Canal's Intelligence Department, Sr. José Ramón Arango, join us to share thoughts about LNG shipments through the Canal.

If you've been pondering an LNG investment or two but want to know more about the playing field, here is a fine opportunity to hear from an expert. We will learn more about the market and the crucial role the Panama Canal plays in making it happen.

Also participating is Captain Orlando Allard as an additional expert who can address additional aspects of this game-changing field. Captain Allard is the head of RTI Forensics | Panama.

Tickets are $30 each including a glass of wine.

Please RSVP to navy.league.panama@gmail.com before noon on Monday the 13th.

Kind regards,

Hunter Schultz
Navy League Panama

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Panama, American Society news concerning the AmSoc Dry Season Picnic in El Valle

Water fall in Chiriqui Province north of the town of Boquete

Panama, American Society news FYI:

Have you made your Hotel reservations for the AmSoc Dry Season Picnic in El Valle?

We checked and there are still available reservations at various hotels. 
The Anton Valley Hotel and others still have rooms available. Some hotels are already full.
There are several large weddings that weekend... please do not delay making your hotel reservations. 
Please take note that we are sending this out now anticipating you may
want to stay overnight and attend the special
Free Member’s Only Evening Lasagna Party.

Everyone is welcome to attend our Picnic!

Come and enjoy the day with us!
Date: Saturday 01 February 2014
(Formerly known as the “Hotel Los Capitanes” in El Valle)
Time: 11:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Menú (Peruvian Style BBQ)

Please contact any of our Board Members listed below
or call 6747-6762
Dues paid members: $20 (Dues must be paid be 01 Feb).
Non-dues paid members: $25
Children 12 years or under: FREE
Non-members: $30 - Children 12 years or under: $10

The party will continue on that evening
at our Annual Lasagna Party and staying overnight in El Valle
at the home of Dr. Charly Garcia in El Valle.

Bus transportation
will be available for those that wish to go just for the day.
If you are interested contact Eunice Greaves
at 229-4009, 6618-1896 or by email panaeac@yahoo.com

Please contact one of the following Board Members
or contact us at american.society.panama@gmail.com to obtain tickets:
The American Society 6747-6762
Board of Directors / Directores
Charlotte Pierce 6527-8906 Bill Mariano 6477-9178
Benny Flores 6445-2522 Boston Patterson 6706-8353
Eunice Greaves 6616-1896 Cedric Gittens 6612-5663
Marcia Henry 6672-1718 Charles Jorge 69364605
Thomas R. Lord 6720-9253 Dr. Wayne Samuels 264-1465
Hari Singh 6758-9854 Hector Tomlinson 6801-7377
Dr. Charles Garcia 6618-8877 Dental Clinic – Ave.Balboa
Ryan D (Panama) Karnes, US Embassy Representative 317-5430
“Promises” Calle 74E San Francisco 270-7457
Coronado Beach area / Clemencia Watson Kelley 6682-1472 

For your convenience and assistance, our Dry Season Picnic coordinator and El Valle resident Dr. Charly Garcia has put together the following list of lodging and options of things to do.

We hope you plan on making the AmSoc dry season picnic a weekend event. If you decide to do so, we recommend that you make your reservations as soon as possible as Dry Season, and especially February is the high season for El Valle and last minute hotel rooms are difficult to come by.

For those staying overnight and wanting to take advantage of a family outing with your children we suggest the following events:
1. Zip-line (Canopy Adventure) 983-6547 & Fax 263-2784
2. Bird Watching (Guias Pioneros de Cocle) Cell. 6569-2676
3. Hiking the India Dormida (Sleeping Indian Princess) Efrain Trujillo Cel 6591-1991
4. Guide to the India Dormida (Sleeping Indian Princess) Cell. 6615-8181
5. El Nispero Zoo
6. El Valle Museum, Sr. David & Padre Noto, by Catholic Church, Cell. 6524-9790
7. Visit Orchid Center (APROVACA) Tel. 983-6472
8. Serpentarium Cell. 6569-2676
9. Thermal Pools Cell. 6621-3846
10. Local Farmers and Artesan Market
11. Piedra Pintada (Petroglyphs) Cell. 6615-8181

It is stressed that AmSoc is not endorsing or recommending any particular hotel, we are just providing a list of information to help you in your search. 
We remind you to contact and make your own reservations directly with the establishment you choose 

Formerly known as Hotel Los Capitanes, renamed and under new management. 
info@hotel-valleverde.com (For information)
reservas@hotel-valleverde.com (For reservations)
Nuevo Sitio Web: · http://el-valle-panama.com/ 
Teléfono: (+507) 983-6080
Teléfono Celular: (+507) 647-18250 Geat restaurant. I consider this to be a very special place with a very special atmosphere. 

2. Anton Valley Hotel
Tel. 983.6097 or 983.5118 
This is located in front of the Catholic Church and has an excellent restaurant.

3. Hotel Campestre 983-6146
One of the oldest hotels in El Valle built in 1939. It has 20 rooms with private baths.

4. The Golden Frog Inn: 
8 rooms, Suites 
One of the nicest places to stay. Pleasant, huge pool, fireplaces. 
One of my favorites.
Phone: 983-6117 Cell Phone: 6565-8307

5. Hotel Rincon Vallero:
14 Rooms Tel #: 983-6175/264-9119 / 983-6791 Includes breakfast. 
Info: info@centroderesservas.net and their website is athttp://hotelrinconvallero.com/ Excellent restaurant.

6. Park Eden Bed & Breakfast:
5 rooms Tel #: 983-6167 / 226-8858 / 6695-6190
Info: www.parkeden.com ; parkeden@cwpanama.net 5+ rooms, includes full breakfast 
2 persons per room, additional cost per each additional person. No restaurant.&

7. La Casa de Lourdes 
El Valle de Antón, Panama Hotel: 983-6645 Restaurant: 983-6450 
Info@lacasadelourdes.com http://www.lacasadelourdes.com/ 
Gourmet breakfast included...exclusive cuisine & accommodations...where the IN people dine. Best restaurant and best hotel complex in the area. People drive up from Panama City and adjacent areas to dine and wine in style. The Casa de Lourdes has available rooms and a renowned gourmet restaurant owned and run by Lourdes Fabrega de Ward.

8. Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel & Spa
(adjacent and part of a magnificent complex with Casa de Lourdes)
Boutique Hotel & Restaurante http://www.losmandarinos.com/
info@losmandarinos.com Hotel: 983-6645 / 6808-2743
Best hotel complex in the area. Hotel has beautiful buildings, very nice accommodations, Irish Pub, Pool, & restaurant. People drive up from Panama City and adjacent areas to dine and wine in at the sister complex, The Casa de Lourdes and stay at either Casa de Lourdes which also has several rooms and a renowned gourmet restaurant, or they stay at Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel & Spa. which is a complex of Italian style buildings providing 31 guest rooms with magnificent accommodations, spa, pool, Irish pub, + restaurant. Not inexpensive, but the finer moments in our lives usually aren't cheap. 

9. Crater Valley Adventure Spa:
8 Rooms Tel #: 983-6942 / 215-2325 / Fax 215-2329 
info@crater-valley.com Tel #: 215-2325 / 215-2328 & 983-6942
Fax: 215-2329 Among the best in El Valle. Has pool, sauna, massage parlor, beauty saloon, and lush grounds. Expect it to be pricey, but worth it. Good restaurant.
10. Cabañas Potosi 
Tel # 983-6181/ 6946-6181
e-mail: cabanas.potosi@elvalle.com.pa

11. Hostal Cariguana
Tel # 983-6269 6598-5122
http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g635545-d1958890-Reviews- Hostal_Cariguana-El_Valle_de_Anton_Cocle_Province.html
12. Hotel Don Pepe
Hotel Don Pepe +507 983-6425 (After 6pm call +507 983-6835 )

Note: There are other nice Hotels in El Valle.http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g635545-El_Valle_de_Anton_Cocle_Province-Hotels.html
Please do a search for more information.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Female survival expert who appeared on "Naked & Afraid" is currently recovering from DENGUE FEVER in Panamá

From the internet, Dengue has been reported as a problem in the recent past:

A female survival expert who appeared on "Naked & Afraid" is currently recovering from DENGUE FEVER -- and nearly died -- after contracting the virus in a Panama jungle, TMZ has learned. 

45-year-old Manu Toigo was bit by a mosquito back in September, while filming her episode (which airs this weekend on the Discovery Channel).

At first, Manu says she didn't think twice about the bug bite ... until she arrived back in L.A. days later and began to experience a severe headache between the eyes. The headache progressed to a fever, then nosebleeds and gum bleeding, then she couldn't even stand up.

Doctors initially told Manu she was anemic, but things only got worse -- and she was forced to go back to the hospital, where they finally diagnosed her with dengue hemorrhagic fever ... the worst form of dengue fever.

FYI, Dengue fever becomes "hemorrhagic" when the virus damages blood vessels to the point they hemmorhage internally. And the worst part -- there's no cure.

Manu says she got to the hospital just in time, and doctors kept a close eye on her -- pumping her with fluids and plasma -- so she was able to make a decent recovery. Manu spent a total of 2 weeks in the hospital and is now in physical therapy, trying to get back on her feet. She says she's still in agonizing pain all over her body.

But if you're wondering if she regrets going on the show ... Manu says, "Hell no ... most epic experience I could ever have done."

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/12/07/naked-and-afraid-discovery-dengue-fever-virus-death/#ixzz2mnSyWPAe

Coronado, Panamá news:

Coronado, Panamá news:

Special Playa Events in December
Greetings Friends!

There are fun things in the Playacommunity Events Calenader for Decemeber and some special things we would like to bring your attention to:

Dec 8
Mother’s Day Dinner at Vista Mar
Terraza Del Mar is hosting a Mother’s day Special Menu. Please call for reservations.

Dec 19 & 20
SMALL TALKS - Dinner Theatre at Picasso. SOLD OUT. To put your name on the waiting list, or if you are looking for more theatre at the beaches, P.a.C.T is now offering season tickets to all their shows.  For information on discount packages and P.a.C.T performances in the beaches, contact Yolanda Van Der Kolk at goyogallery@gmail.com

Dec 21 
CASA still has some seats available for their annual Christmas Buffet & Dance. Starts at 5:30pm at Coronado Hotel. $40 for dinner and dancing to Poco Loco live - all for a great cause. Contact Louise 6501-5423 or email louise-belisle@hotmail.com

Dec 25
Picasso is having a Happy Hour for any one who needs a place to go on Christmas.

Dec 28
Beach Clean up & BBQ hosted by Inside Panama.

Rancos Los Toros Burning Man & Years Party. Call Joe at 6619-1693 for info.
Vista Mar New Years Bash - Call 345-4096 for Reservations or email ivary@vistamarresort.com

Monument to Panamanians who paid "The Supreme Sacrifice" while serving in the U.S. military R.I.P. Heroes

I just found out more about this monument "hidden" in Paraiso (note no DOB/DOD on the monument, I thought these Heroes were from WWII & Korea), this monument should be at the Corozal Cemetery. The following is from a Panama facebook group I belong to and was commented on after I posted the photo of this monument in Paraiso, Panama.  Below are comments from friends on this Panama facebook forum:

CWO Isaias E. Santos: Las Vegas Review: Brigadier Gen. Purl Keen said Isaias E. Santos was a leader among his fellow soldiers and was considered one of the best young helicopter pilots in his brigade. "He was an exceptional warrior, picked by his commander to fly with the best and in the most important missions," Keen said. Santos, 28, of Ancon, Panama, was killed Dec. 26, 2005 in Baghdad in a helicopter accident. He was assigned to Fort Hood. "I know my son did not live in vain," said Jose Santos, holding back tears during a military funeral in front of the Panama Canal. Jose Santos, who served for the United States during the Vietnam War, wore a U.S. military uniform at the ceremony. "When we gave our son to the Army, we did it with love," he said. "He asked for the support of his father and mother, and we gave it to him with love." Santos joined the Army in 1995 after graduating from high school in Panama City. He was sent to Iraq in November. "The people of the United States are eternally grateful to Isaias for having offered his life to defend the world against terrorism," said William A. Eaton, U.S. ambassador to Panama. - See more at: http://obits.reviewjournal.com/obit.../lvrj/obituary.aspx...

CWO Isaias E. Santos was a second generation Panamanian serving in the U. S. Military; his Father, Jose Santos, served in Viet Nam.

Samuel Maitland Marine-------------------------------------------------Birth: unknown, Born New York City
Death: Oct. 23, 1983
Last Rank
Last Primary MOS
Last MOSGroup
Last Unit
1981-1983, 0311, 1st Bn, 8th Marine Regiment (1/8)/Battalion Landing Team (BLT)
Service Years
1981 - 1983

Note: United States Marine Corps. Killed in the terrorist bombing of the United States Marine barracks in Beirut Lebanon on October 23, 1983

Corozal American Cemetery and Memorial
Panama City
Panama, Panama

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El Valle, Panama hotel & B&B information

El Valle hotel & B&B info:

El Valle:
1 ½ hour drive west of Panama City located in an extinct volcano crater, know for it’s week end “Flee Markets”, cooler temperatures & Eco environment:
The Anton Valley Hotel:
983-6097 or 6484-5978
Crater Valley Adventure Spa:
8 Rooms Tel #: 983-6942
http://www.crater-valley.com/ info@crater-valley.com Tel #: 215-2326 & 983-6942 Fax: 215-2329
The Golden Frog Inn:
8 rooms, Suites
Phone: 983-6117
Cell Phone: 6565-8307
La Casa de Lourdes
El Valle de Antón, Panama Hotel: 507-983-6645 Restaurant: 507-983-6450
http://www.lacasadelourdes.com/home.htm Breakfast included
Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel & Spa (adjacent and part of a magnificent complex with Casa de Lourdes)
Boutique Hotel & Restaurante
http://www.losmandarinos.com/ info@losmandarinos.com
Los Capitanes Hotel: 15 rooms, tel #: 983-6080 info@los-capitanes.com and website    http://www.los-capitanes.com/restaurant.html
Park Eden Bed & Breakfast:
5 rooms Tel #: 983-6167 / 226-8858
www.parkeden.com & www.panamainfo.com/parkeden parkeden@cwpanama.net 5+ rooms, includes full breakfast 2 persons per room, additional cost per each additional person. No restaurant.
Rincon Vallero:
14 Rooms Tel #: 983-6175/264-9119 Includes breakfast.
info@centroderesservas.net and their website is at http://hotelrinconvallero.com/

Ancon "Little Theater" Guild

Ancon "Little Theater" Guild  This is a little different being a program, not a play:

[Theatre Guild of Ancon] This Christmas, Theatre Guild of Ancon and Fundación Calicanto present: Dreams Factory
This Christmas, Theatre Guild of Ancon and Fundación Calicanto present:

Dreams Factory - ENLACES’ End of Year presentation.

December 14th   – 8 PM.
Dec 15 - 11AM

ENLACES is a performing arts program that focuses on Art Therapy and the use of corporal expression as a tool to stimulate the integral development of the human being and acquire skills that go beyond mobility to communication and creativity.

Reserve online (www.anconguild.com) or by email (tgapanama@anconguild.com).

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Saving Trees in Panama

Protests as more city trees fall to chain saws.

ANOTHER attack on Panama city’s eroding tree population has been stayed for the moment following protests by residents and environmentalists.
They demonstrated Monday, December in the vicinity of the San Fernando Hospital to prevent authorities from removing three mahogany trees to make way for a bus stop onVía España.
Sustainable Panama Foundation Director Raisa Banfield said that the mahogany trees are endangered and therefore protected by law.
Banfield reiterated that two trees had already been cut down and that they were now trying to save the last of them.
"This species is vital to sustaining the environment," Bainfield said.