Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ExPat Event in Panama City

InterNations event:

Wed 28 Oct 19:30 - 23:30
Panaviera Restaurant at Trump Hotel and Casino
Trump Ocean Club, 66th Floor, Ocean Sun Casino - Punta Pacifica
Panama City

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Help support a widow of a USMC veteran at XS Memories in Santa Clara

From a retired GI living in Panama:

"Let us help support a widow of a USMC veteran at XS 
Memories in Santa Clara. Oktoberfest is always a big event 
at XS Memories for many years. Sheila puts on some might 
good dishes. Hope to see you all there! ROBBY"

Times TBA I "assume", but you can always drop by, it's on 
the road just north of the old Santa Clara "casino" & just east
 of the "new" Rio Hato runways. ~~ Lou

Sunday, October 4, 2015

American Society of Panama


2016 Membership Drive & Incentives

The American Society Board of Directors extends an invitation to our community and our former members who would like to join or reinstate their membership.  The Board is renewing the membership drive offering incentives to past members encouraging them to return and making it attractive for new members to join the American Society of Panama. We have developed a very active and attractive calendar of events and want you to be part of these activities.  Details of some listed and unlisted events are still in the planning states.

Renew your dues at tomorrow’s Meet & Mix at the Panaviera Restaurant at the Trump Hotel.

1.       Monday,  Oct 5th   Meet & Mix  Trump Tower, Punta Pacifica, Panaviera Restaurant

2.       Saturday 17 October 3 PM – 5 PM   Meeting and a Celebration with our Scholarship Recipients   at the TRYP Hotel Albrook

3.    Thursday 22 October  - Ancon Theater Guild Night -  The 39 Steps – Featuring our own member Ingrid MacCartney as one of the lead actress’.

4.    Sunday 22 November – Thanksgiving Buffet Luncheon – 1 PM – 5 PM  -  TRYP Hotel, Albrook

4.     December: Christmas Dinner/Location to be announced .

5.     Monday, Jan 4h 2016  Meet & Mix – Welcoming the New Year!
6.    Saturday 23 January - El Valle Picnic – Hotel Campestre 12 noon- 4 pm followed by free Membership appreciation dinner-dance at the home of Dr. Charly Garcia starting at 6:30 PM –
 until the full moon goes over the mountain.
We are in the planning stages for the following Meet and Mix and monthly events, but below is tentative information:    

7.    Monday, Feb 01 - Meet & Mix – Location to be determined.

8.   Monday,  Mar 2nd  March Meet & Mix

9.   March – event to be announced

10.  Monday, April 6th  Meet & Mix

11.  April – Election Night Dinner Party

12.  Monday, May 4th  Meet & Mix

13.  May – Installation Dinner

Our website  is up and running and lists many of our past and upcoming events.  We need you to help us give back to the community. You the members are the pillars that sustain our organization.  Your support helps us meet our social, charitable and scholarship commitments.

WE NEED YOU: Our membership fee is the prime source of funding for our scholarship fund and our supported charities.

Founded in 1931, and after 84 years of existence, The American Society of Panama now has a membership that includes Americans and Panamanians, as well as citizens of other nations residing in Panama. We are a non-profit organization, and are duly recognized as such by the Panamanian Government.

Together we can do more!

The American Society of Panama is offering an Amnesty to members who have not paid their 2015 dues and to all past members who would now like to reinstate their membership by paying the regular membership renewal fee of $40.  

1.      We are waiving the penalty fee of $10 for all returning members.  
2.      In addition, those past members who return and rejoin between 01 Oct. & by 31 Dec. 2015 will have all arrears forgiven.  
3.     These returning, rejoining members and all new members as of 01 Sept. 2015 will also have that payment applied towards their 2016 dues.
4.     These returning-reinstated members and those that become new members between now and 31 Dec. 2015 will receive a 10% discount in their tickets for the upcoming Membership Drive event in El Valle on Saturday 23 Jan. 2016 and invited to join us at the complimentary Lasagna dinner party that evening at the private home of one of our members in El Valle.  
5.    There is a cost differential for our events for members and non-members.  Members will receive a $15 discount on all our events.  Those members that have not paid their 2015 dues will be assessed this $15 charge for all events as of 01 Nov.
 Our New Member fee is $50 and Membership Renewal is $40 and applicable for the calendar year and can be paid online at  
We encourage potential new members to visit our website and to apply electronically for membership.  New members and renewing members may also pay their respective dues at any of our functions or give to one of our board members.

You may also contact us at for more information and to obtain your tickets for our upcoming events.

Dr. Charles Garcia                                                                                                                                                            Membership Chair                                                                                                                                                             Past President                                                                                                                                                                     The American Society of Panama

The American Society of Panama
"Americans and Friends United Abroad"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wine Festival in Panama

Felipe Motta´s wine festival is a moment where wines are the main actor.
This year, Felipe Motta will allow us to test wines from Argentina, California, Spain, Chile, France, Italy, Germany and Australia. Additionally for the price of the ticket, you can eat different kind of cheese and meats that do pairing with wines of different places of the world.
Wine festival will happen 15 and 16 Oct.
Riu Hotel, Calle 50, see:

Yellow Alert in Panama

From the U.S. Embassy in Panama:
Due to the presence of high tides on the Pacific Coasts, SINAPROC (Civil Protection Authority Panama) has issued a “Yellow Alert”, which advises all inhabitants on the Pacific Coast to take preventive measures due to high tides which could cause flooding in coastal areas. In their announcement dated September 25, 2015, SINAPROC indicated that high tides of about 18 feet are expected to continue until Saturday October 3, 2015.
A “Yellow Alert” is an advisory for individuals about high tides during a specific period and to warn the public to avoid coastal areas in the Pacific, due to unsafe swimming conditions and possibilities of flooding. The ETESA’s (Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica) Hydrometeorology Department has also posted related information which includes recommendations to avoid unsafe conditions.
The alert indicates that the months of September, October and November are the rainiest of the year. Rivers and streams can overflow when heavy rains coincide with high tide, causing flooding in vulnerable areas.
SINAPROC also indicated that there is no restriction for swimming in beaches as long as safety preventive measures are observed. U.S. Embassy Panama advises all individuals to heed this warning until the Yellow Alert has been lifted.