Friday, December 21, 2012

Golf informacion in Panamá

Coronado Golf & Beach Resort, 1.5 hour drive west of Panama City, see:
DeCameron Golf Course, located at the DeCameron Resort, Farallón Beach, 2 hour drive west of Panama City. See:
Panama City Golf Course: Panama City, San Miguelito area, see:
Santa Maria Golf & Country County (Future/Planned), Costa del Sol, between Tocumen International Airport & Panama City, see:
Summit Golf Course, located about 35 - 40 minute drive north of Panama City on the road to Gamboa & by-past to the transmission highway, see:
Tucín Country Club & Resort, west bank of the canal (site of the old military course HoRoKo for the join bases Howard Air Force base, Rodman Naval Station, Kobbe Army post--all located on the west bank of the canal) & when the U.S. had the Canal Zone), see:
Vista Mar Golf Club, 1.7 hour drive west of Panama City, see:

Summit Raddison Hotel & Golf Resort

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