Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eco Information in Panama

Water fall in Chiriqui province near the Costa Rican Boarder Panama 

Eco Sites:
Barro Colorado Island: Gatun Lake, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, see:
Canopy Tower Bird watching facility between Summit Gardens & the Gamboa bridge: see:
Eco Tours:
**Embera Village, see:
http://www.emberavillagetours.com   **The lady who provides these tours name is Sue Gordon de Barron from Washington State, she is married to an Embera.  Tell Sue Lou said hello if you use her services, she will give you a discount if you mention my name.
Gamboa Rain Forrest Resort: see:
Gamboa Ivan’s B&B: Birding Lodge (Bird Watching), see:
Panama Railroad, Though not eco itself, you will see a lot by riding the train. see:
Playa Venao: Azuero Peninsular, El Sitio beach & surf resort, see:
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) who has been in Panama over 100 years, has a seminar every Tuesday at 4:00 pm at their headquarters in Ancon in the main auditorium followed by a “social hour”.  The subjects maybe very scientific & over my head, but I always attend when in Panama City—one visit the historian from Washington, D.C. did the address on the history of the Smithsonina in Panama (over 100 years) & what I found interesting is President Roosevelt had the Smithsonian do an environmental study before the canal project began.  see:
Taboga Island: Located just south of the Pacific entrance to the canal, about a 35 minute launch ride to the island. See: http://www.tabogaislandpanama.com/
Torti, Panama: about 2 hour drive east of Panama City toward the Darien includes the Hotel Avicar and Restaurant Avicar. The hotel, is a 10 room hotel with swimming pool. Prices ranges depending on the occupancy (beds) from 35.00 to 50.00 US Dollars. The food at the restaurant is a la carte and it ranges from 3.00 to 5.00 US Dollars (steak with rice and salad). Bird watching & jungle tours, for more information contact Luis Gonzalez Nelson at luis_gnelson@hotmail.com or see: www.hotelavicar.com
Tranquilo Bay Eco Lodge: Bocas del Toro, see:
**Whale Watching:
**The lady who provides these tours name is Sue Gordon de Barron from Washington State, she is married to an Embera.  Tell Sue Lou said hello if you use her services, she will give you a discount if you mention my name.

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