Monday, February 11, 2013

GeoParadise & event in Panamá

A transformational festival for tribes of the world.
GeoParadise currently works in Central America, building bridges between ancient and modern tribes exploring ways of mutual cooperation.
Inspired by our mantra "Leave Positive Trace", we organize conscientious events and charitable programs, contributing to the positive transformation of our planet.
We bring indigenous and international communities together for regular Inter Tribal Symposiums called GLOBAL VILLAGE. They are fairly informal, an exchange of conversation, stories, culture and suchlike. There's also esoteric holistic therapies, workshops, art and cafes.
We also organize FREE FULL & DARK MOON GATHERINGS in paradise jungle, beach and island locations, attracting the psychedelic tribe to Panama and our Eco-cultural projects.
Once a year in a colorful amalgamation of ancient and modern the two come together in...  TRIBAL GATHERING
For more info & event in Panamá Feb 20 -26 see:

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