Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eco/Natural sites in Panama

Eco/Nature/Birds/Fish Sites:
Barro Colorado Island: Gatun Lake, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute,see:

Canopy Tower Bird watching: near Gamboa, see:

Eco Tours:

El Valle Butterfly House:  www.butterflyhavenpanama.com

Embera Village, see:

Gamboa Rain Forrest Resort: see:

Gamboa Ivan’s B&B:Birding Lodge (Bird Watching), see:

Panama Railroad, Though not eco itself, you will see a lot by ridingthe train. see:

Playa Venao: Azuero Peninsular, El Sitio beach & surf resort,see:

Smithsonian TropicalResearch Institute, Ancon, see:

Taboga Island: Located just south of the Pacific entrance to thecanal, about a 35 minute launch ride to the island from the Amador causeway.See: http://www.tabogaislandpanama.com/  & http://www.taboga.panamanow.com/

Tranquilo Bay Eco Lodge
: Bocas del Toro, see:
Tropic Star Lodge, PiƱas Bay,World class Marlin fishing: http://www.tropicstar.com/?source=navyleague

Whale Watching:

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