Monday, May 4, 2015

Panama’s Geisha Coffees Set For World’s Highest Prices

Photo of the Geisha coffee bean.

From the internet:

Panama’s Geisha Coffees Set For World’s Highest Prices

PANAMA’S crop of specialty coffees this year is "spectacular" compared with previous years says a team of 15 international judges who on Sunday, May 3, named Panama’s top coffees expected to fetch the world’s highest prices.

After four days of tasting at the 10th annual Best of Panama coffee tasting, in Boquete, natural geisha Jaramillo of the Peterson family took first place in the exotic natural category while Jumix geisha of José Gallardo of Renacimiento took the exotic cleaned category.
Boquete farmer Wilford Lamastus was named producer of the year. Wilford Lamastus Jr. received the award on behalf of his father.
Ricardo Koyner, president of the Association of Producers of Specialty Coffee in Panama, said that this year the competition was very tough, given the high quality of the crops.
More than 30 specialty coffees of Panama will participate in an on line auction on June 23, when they are expected to fetch some of the highest prices in the world.

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