Sunday, May 12, 2013

Access to beaches in Pedasi, Panama problems


 “FOREIGNERS” who have bought land in the Pedasi district of Los Santos have closed of  public access to over 20 beaches.
A Denunciation has been presented byAugusto Lopez, a spokesman for the affected residents of the sector stating that the 20 closed public easements, have not been declared as such by the Ministry of Housing and Land (Miviot ).
Lopez said that public access roads, have been used for decades in the Pedasi district other parts of the AzueroPeninsula to reach beaches, but many of them have been blocked by foreigners who bought land private adjoining the rodways.
Lopez said that if the authorities do not act the population in a few years will not have access to the beaches of the region.
Since 1999, when the area started to interest foreign investors, unidentified persons entered the 22 meters coastal zone and began clearing, leading to conflicts over road closures and access to the  beaches.

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