Saturday, May 18, 2013

Progress Report on the Panama Metro

NewsRoom Panama:
The  construction of the viaduct for the first line of Panama’s Metro subway is complete and the first three trains are en route by sea to the city.
The last two 166 ton "U" beams for the overhead section of the 13.7 kilometer line were put in place late Thursday night., May 16. There are 382 of the beams in the section. The line runs from the Albrook Bus Terminal to the Los Andes shopping center. The first “U” :beam was placed in July 2012 on Via Transistmica.

Metro Secretary Roberto Roy said recently that the total project, which will cost a total of $1.8 billion, is 82 percent complete.

Work will now focus on the installation of rails and the overhead power system.

The first three train cars have been shipped from the Alstom plant in Barcelona to Panama City.

Over the coming months, the French multinational Alstom will send the 16 remaining trains for the new line, which will begin operation in 2014, reported the company.

The subway line will feature t3 stations. Work began on the project in 2010, .
 The French group Alstom leads the group of suppliers of electromechanical equipment, with responsibility for engineering, integration and commissioning equipment and systems.

Alstom will supply a total of 19 trains, totaling 57 cars, as well as traction substations and a signaling system. Each train is equipped with air conditioning, video surveillance, information systems and specific areas for people with reduced mobility.

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