Saturday, November 16, 2013

American Society of Panama Thanksgiving event

American Society of Panama Thanksgiving event, email from :

We look forward to seeing you at our

Traditional Thanksgiving Family Luncheon 

The team has worked super hard to make this a special time.
Great menu
SOFT background music by Margarito Molinar
Exquisite decorations
AND for you with little children, “a play area” 

The American Society of Panama         
Cordially invites our
 members, guests and non-members
to our
Traditional Thanksgiving Family Luncheon
Sunday 24 November 2013           12:30pm-3:30pm
Salon Taboga                                 Continental Hotel 
                                                      (Via España & Ricardo Arias)     
Donations:  Members $45                                 
                     Non-Members  $55
Children 5-11 yrs. of age $20
Children and grandchildren of all ages welcome

            Valet Parking available
Share your blessings by bringing:                                                                                      
(1) a shoe box with toiletries/goodies (US Embassy Project), or
             (2) canned goods/dry food items to be donated to our charities.
Contact us to obtain tickets at: The American Society     6747-6762               

Contact one of our Board members:
               Charlotte Pierce          6527-8906      Charles Jorge               6936-4605
              Thomas R.  Lord        6720-9253       Bill Mariano                 6477-9178
               Boston Patterson       6706-8353      Dr. Wayne Samuels   232-0622
               Hari Singh                    6758-9854      Hector Tomlinson      6801-7377  
               Benny Flores               6445-2522       Eunice Greaves           6616-1896
               Cedric Gittens             6612-5663       Marcia Henry               6672-1718    
               Dr. Charles Garcia    6618-8877       Dental Clinic–Ave. Balboa 
               Ryan D (Panama) Karnes, US Embassy Repr.                      317-5430

                “Promises” 270-7457,  Calle 74E San Francisco
               Clemencia Watson Kelley 6682-1472, Coronado Beach area     

Thank You,  
                     AmSoc Board of Directors

Thanksgiving Luncheon Menu
Corvina Ceviche with Green Grapes
Roast Beef with Peaches Platter
Potato Salad with Smoked Chicken
Mirror with Assorted Cheeses
Mixed lettuces with fruity dressing
Orzo salad with shrimp & pesto
Roasted Turkey with gravy, ground beef & raisin stuffing
Virginia glazed Ham with Black Cherries
Beef Medallion Tamarind Style
Ham Mashed Potatoes
Rice with Guandú & Coconut
Trifoliate of Vegetables
Chocolate Cheesecake
Traditional Fruit Cake
Lemon Pie
Cherry Truffle
Christmas Trunk

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