Monday, November 4, 2013

10th province in Panama?

From the internet:

CD Flag Burned by Opponents of 10th Province


PROTESTERS against the creation of a 10th province, Panama West, took advantage of the Arraijan Independence parade on Sunday, November 3 to voice their concerns

Members of the newly formed protest group, Arraijan First Movement (MAP), followed the last school in the parade, carrying a banner that  read "No to the Tenth Region” while shouting slogans against local legislators who voted in favor of the law and burning a flag of the Democratic Change (CD) party.

Luis Gonzalez, one of the members of MAP, warned the President of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli to refrain from punishing the initiative.

Meanwhile, a few kilometers down the road in La Chorrera supporters of the tenth province, also marched, distributing stickers and showing a prototype of the flag of the possible new province.

Chorrera has been designated as the likely capital of the new province.

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