Tuesday, June 16, 2015

American Society in Panama

American Society in Panama, if you are in Panama, American & not a member, consider joining:

        The American Society of Panama
       “2015 Grand Panama Gala & Art Auction” Committee

Dear Members of The American Society of Panama:

The American Society of Panama “2015 Grand Panamá Gala & Art Auction” Committee has begun their campaign to ask for donations for their live art auction and silent auction to be held on Saturday August 22, 2015.  This very special and exclusive event includes some of Panama’s best artistic talent and will be hosted at the prestigious Residencia 107, in Ancon where the Administrator of the Panamá Canal Authority resides. 100% of the proceeds of this auction will support the charities & scholarships sponsored by the American Society of Panamá.  We hope that you will assist us with a generous contribution.

 Thanks to the generosity of our members last year, our fund raising gala was so successful that we were able to double the number of scholarship for 2015. We have set an ambitious goal to raise $20,000 for our charitable and scholarship programs this year.

Much work has already been done and some key volunteers have stepped forward to head up committees.  There is a lot of work to do in preparation for the event and we are counting on your support.

As of today we have 38 items for the silent auction.  We are putting them in 10 categories of:  Travel, Entertainment, Sports, Food and Wine, Home and Office, Health and Beauty, Fashion and Jewelry, Arts and Handcrafts, Memorabilia and Collectibles, and Cooking lessons, Hosting a party or dinner, etc.

We are asking you to help with donations to this silent auction.  You probably have skills or items to donate that you aren’t even aware that you have. Can you bake a cake or special dessert for a party; cater a small diner party, lunch, or picnic. How about make an interesting pillow or quilt, provide a service (Spanish lessons, computer repair, decorate for a party, give art classes, or sing for a group).  Or you can approach your favorite restaurants that would be willing to donate dinner-for-two gift certificates.  Or you can ask your favorite store for a contribution, an item of value that can be used in the auction.  You will be surprised, many are willing to donate towards a worthy cause, someone just has to approach them and ask.

Please also let us know if you will be making a donation or know someone you can contact and ask for a donation in one of the 10 categories listed above.  We of course also accept cash.

Volunteers are still needed:  If you have knowledge in a specific area or just want to help out in any way you can, either in advance of the event and/or on the day itself, please review the following committees and tell us what you’d like to do by sending an email to American.society.panama@gmail.com and indicate what committee you could help:

(1)    Artists & Artwork, (2) Finance, (3) Marketing, (4) Administration, (5) Live Auction, (6) Silent Auction, (7) Sponsorship/Gifts or (8) help on the day of the event, August 22nd.      

Remember all contributions to the American Society of Panamá are tax deductible in the Republic of Panamá. The American Society of Panamá with R.U.C. 3482-2-12829 DV86 is inscribed and registered according to Resolution 201-108 de 16 enero 2006 as a non-profit organization entitled to receive donations which the donor may deduct from taxes.

Thank you for your support.

Nicholas W. Polit

The American Society of Panama
"Americans and Friends United Abroad"

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