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Panama, American Society news concerning the AmSoc Dry Season Picnic in El Valle

Water fall in Chiriqui Province north of the town of Boquete

Panama, American Society news FYI:

Have you made your Hotel reservations for the AmSoc Dry Season Picnic in El Valle?

We checked and there are still available reservations at various hotels. 
The Anton Valley Hotel and others still have rooms available. Some hotels are already full.
There are several large weddings that weekend... please do not delay making your hotel reservations. 
Please take note that we are sending this out now anticipating you may
want to stay overnight and attend the special
Free Member’s Only Evening Lasagna Party.

Everyone is welcome to attend our Picnic!

Come and enjoy the day with us!
Date: Saturday 01 February 2014
(Formerly known as the “Hotel Los Capitanes” in El Valle)
Time: 11:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Menú (Peruvian Style BBQ)

Please contact any of our Board Members listed below
or call 6747-6762
Dues paid members: $20 (Dues must be paid be 01 Feb).
Non-dues paid members: $25
Children 12 years or under: FREE
Non-members: $30 - Children 12 years or under: $10

The party will continue on that evening
at our Annual Lasagna Party and staying overnight in El Valle
at the home of Dr. Charly Garcia in El Valle.

Bus transportation
will be available for those that wish to go just for the day.
If you are interested contact Eunice Greaves
at 229-4009, 6618-1896 or by email

Please contact one of the following Board Members
or contact us at to obtain tickets:
The American Society 6747-6762
Board of Directors / Directores
Charlotte Pierce 6527-8906 Bill Mariano 6477-9178
Benny Flores 6445-2522 Boston Patterson 6706-8353
Eunice Greaves 6616-1896 Cedric Gittens 6612-5663
Marcia Henry 6672-1718 Charles Jorge 69364605
Thomas R. Lord 6720-9253 Dr. Wayne Samuels 264-1465
Hari Singh 6758-9854 Hector Tomlinson 6801-7377
Dr. Charles Garcia 6618-8877 Dental Clinic – Ave.Balboa
Ryan D (Panama) Karnes, US Embassy Representative 317-5430
“Promises” Calle 74E San Francisco 270-7457
Coronado Beach area / Clemencia Watson Kelley 6682-1472 

For your convenience and assistance, our Dry Season Picnic coordinator and El Valle resident Dr. Charly Garcia has put together the following list of lodging and options of things to do.

We hope you plan on making the AmSoc dry season picnic a weekend event. If you decide to do so, we recommend that you make your reservations as soon as possible as Dry Season, and especially February is the high season for El Valle and last minute hotel rooms are difficult to come by.

For those staying overnight and wanting to take advantage of a family outing with your children we suggest the following events:
1. Zip-line (Canopy Adventure) 983-6547 & Fax 263-2784
2. Bird Watching (Guias Pioneros de Cocle) Cell. 6569-2676
3. Hiking the India Dormida (Sleeping Indian Princess) Efrain Trujillo Cel 6591-1991
4. Guide to the India Dormida (Sleeping Indian Princess) Cell. 6615-8181
5. El Nispero Zoo
6. El Valle Museum, Sr. David & Padre Noto, by Catholic Church, Cell. 6524-9790
7. Visit Orchid Center (APROVACA) Tel. 983-6472
8. Serpentarium Cell. 6569-2676
9. Thermal Pools Cell. 6621-3846
10. Local Farmers and Artesan Market
11. Piedra Pintada (Petroglyphs) Cell. 6615-8181

It is stressed that AmSoc is not endorsing or recommending any particular hotel, we are just providing a list of information to help you in your search. 
We remind you to contact and make your own reservations directly with the establishment you choose 

Formerly known as Hotel Los Capitanes, renamed and under new management. (For information) (For reservations)
Nuevo Sitio Web: · 
Teléfono: (+507) 983-6080
Teléfono Celular: (+507) 647-18250 Geat restaurant. I consider this to be a very special place with a very special atmosphere. 

2. Anton Valley Hotel
Tel. 983.6097 or 983.5118 
This is located in front of the Catholic Church and has an excellent restaurant.

3. Hotel Campestre 983-6146
One of the oldest hotels in El Valle built in 1939. It has 20 rooms with private baths.

4. The Golden Frog Inn: 
8 rooms, Suites 
One of the nicest places to stay. Pleasant, huge pool, fireplaces. 
One of my favorites.
Phone: 983-6117 Cell Phone: 6565-8307

5. Hotel Rincon Vallero:
14 Rooms Tel #: 983-6175/264-9119 / 983-6791 Includes breakfast. 
Info: and their website is at Excellent restaurant.

6. Park Eden Bed & Breakfast:
5 rooms Tel #: 983-6167 / 226-8858 / 6695-6190
Info: ; 5+ rooms, includes full breakfast 
2 persons per room, additional cost per each additional person. No restaurant.&

7. La Casa de Lourdes 
El Valle de Antón, Panama Hotel: 983-6645 Restaurant: 983-6450 
Gourmet breakfast included...exclusive cuisine & accommodations...where the IN people dine. Best restaurant and best hotel complex in the area. People drive up from Panama City and adjacent areas to dine and wine in style. The Casa de Lourdes has available rooms and a renowned gourmet restaurant owned and run by Lourdes Fabrega de Ward.

8. Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel & Spa
(adjacent and part of a magnificent complex with Casa de Lourdes)
Boutique Hotel & Restaurante Hotel: 983-6645 / 6808-2743
Best hotel complex in the area. Hotel has beautiful buildings, very nice accommodations, Irish Pub, Pool, & restaurant. People drive up from Panama City and adjacent areas to dine and wine in at the sister complex, The Casa de Lourdes and stay at either Casa de Lourdes which also has several rooms and a renowned gourmet restaurant, or they stay at Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel & Spa. which is a complex of Italian style buildings providing 31 guest rooms with magnificent accommodations, spa, pool, Irish pub, + restaurant. Not inexpensive, but the finer moments in our lives usually aren't cheap. 

9. Crater Valley Adventure Spa:
8 Rooms Tel #: 983-6942 / 215-2325 / Fax 215-2329 Tel #: 215-2325 / 215-2328 & 983-6942
Fax: 215-2329 Among the best in El Valle. Has pool, sauna, massage parlor, beauty saloon, and lush grounds. Expect it to be pricey, but worth it. Good restaurant.
10. Cabañas Potosi 
Tel # 983-6181/ 6946-6181

11. Hostal Cariguana
Tel # 983-6269 6598-5122 Hostal_Cariguana-El_Valle_de_Anton_Cocle_Province.html
12. Hotel Don Pepe
Hotel Don Pepe +507 983-6425 (After 6pm call +507 983-6835 )

Note: There are other nice Hotels in El Valle.
Please do a search for more information.

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