Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some Hotels & B&Bs in Boquete, Panama

Ladera Hotel
Some Hotels & B&Bs in Boquete:

THE HAVEN Resort, health spa,health clinic, fitness center and hotel
luxury mountain retreat, Boquete, Panama www.boquetespa.com
Phone: (001 507) 7309345 Email:
admhaven@gmail.com or thehavenboutiquehotel@gmail.com

Finca Lerida:
http://centralamerica.com/panama/hotel/fincalerida.htm E-mailto Panama@CentralAmerica.Com e-mailReservationForm Toll free from the US orCanadaat 1-888-535-8832 / 1-800-948-3770

Hotel Ladera:
Oasis B&B:

Oasis B&B:

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