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Monument to Panamanians who paid "The Supreme Sacrifice" while serving in the U.S. military R.I.P. Heroes

I just found out more about this monument "hidden" in Paraiso (note no DOB/DOD on the monument, I thought these Heroes were from WWII & Korea), this monument should be at the Corozal Cemetery. The following is from a Panama facebook group I belong to and was commented on after I posted the photo of this monument in Paraiso, Panama.  Below are comments from friends on this Panama facebook forum:

CWO Isaias E. Santos: Las Vegas Review: Brigadier Gen. Purl Keen said Isaias E. Santos was a leader among his fellow soldiers and was considered one of the best young helicopter pilots in his brigade. "He was an exceptional warrior, picked by his commander to fly with the best and in the most important missions," Keen said. Santos, 28, of Ancon, Panama, was killed Dec. 26, 2005 in Baghdad in a helicopter accident. He was assigned to Fort Hood. "I know my son did not live in vain," said Jose Santos, holding back tears during a military funeral in front of the Panama Canal. Jose Santos, who served for the United States during the Vietnam War, wore a U.S. military uniform at the ceremony. "When we gave our son to the Army, we did it with love," he said. "He asked for the support of his father and mother, and we gave it to him with love." Santos joined the Army in 1995 after graduating from high school in Panama City. He was sent to Iraq in November. "The people of the United States are eternally grateful to Isaias for having offered his life to defend the world against terrorism," said William A. Eaton, U.S. ambassador to Panama. - See more at:

CWO Isaias E. Santos was a second generation Panamanian serving in the U. S. Military; his Father, Jose Santos, served in Viet Nam.

Samuel Maitland Marine-------------------------------------------------Birth: unknown, Born New York City
Death: Oct. 23, 1983
Last Rank
Last Primary MOS
Last MOSGroup
Last Unit
1981-1983, 0311, 1st Bn, 8th Marine Regiment (1/8)/Battalion Landing Team (BLT)
Service Years
1981 - 1983

Note: United States Marine Corps. Killed in the terrorist bombing of the United States Marine barracks in Beirut Lebanon on October 23, 1983

Corozal American Cemetery and Memorial
Panama City
Panama, Panama

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