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"Going Green" in Panama

Panama America News:

Educate to conserve the environment

08 | 09 | 2012
"I'm going green, do you?" Teach the community seeks to eliminate, in a proper way, the waste.
Educate to conserve the environment Arts. Paint your wall with the support of children of the area of ​​Santa Ana (Courtesy I'm going green)
Educate to conserve the environment Meta. Learn not to pollute the environment. ()
Educate to conserve the environment Participación.Feria Governor Island, in Veraguas. ()
Edith Erika Quiñones (erika.quinones @ / PANAMA AMERICA

Specific objectives

  • Education campaign to promote a responsible attitude to waste.Help solve the pollution problem.Assist in the collection of recyclable materials.
Two years ago a group of young people concerned about the levels of contamination of beaches, organized and decided to start a campaign to combat pollution in the environment, which they called "I'm going green, do you?".
The aim is to raise awareness among citizens, mostly children, carrying messages of environmental preservation and educating them on how to manage solid waste.
With the passage of time, the campaign became a foundation, told Mario Lozano, director of the nonprofit organization.
Lozano explained that carry a year giving lectures in the public schools for children from 5 years and up, teaching them about the negative effects of air pollution, water and soil, and how to recycle.
Initially started concocting postcards and created the characters "Tutti, Bo and Philemon", to raise funds, since their activities are supported by donations, sponsorships and performing some events, such as concerts.
Another project is being carried out by "Green Paint your wall in your neighborhood or township", where in a cultural and artistic awareness in the community creates, painting walls with pictures of a sustainable city. Activity involving children and adults, and is performed one Sunday each month, especially in the summer.
They also drew up a book of stories and coloring that distribute for free in schools and participating in fairs, "Philemon, Tutti and Bo", as the protagonists of the story based on the pollution of the oceans.
"I'm going green, do you?" Also works with the Active 20-30 Club and other organizations dedicated to the conservation and protection of the environment in Panama.

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