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Police trainees in Panama

Panama America News:

35% of aspiring police officers do not graduate

30 | 09 | 2012
The entity makes about six promotions per year in the three schools that governs the academy, which is called Belisario Porras (Acapol). One such center is located in Veraguas.
The 35% of aspiring police officers can not graduate Center. The academy Belisario Porras is the main police training center. (Archive)
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Number of recruits

  • Aspiring is the number allowed by the Academy promotion Belisario Porras.
  • promotions per year by the National Police in three training centers in the world.
  • of every thousand people who apply do not pass the requirements of the institution.

Creation and early police academy Belisario Porras

  • The Police Academy, which is named after the former President Belisario Porras, began operations in 1990, after the fall of Manuel Antonio Noriega.
  • In the beginning was dedicated to the training of members of the Defence Forces, which became part of the National Police. Today is responsible for the instruction of classes and troops of the institution, that is, the police have no official rank.
  • Officials, meanwhile, come to the Center for Higher Education.
35% of those admitted to police recruitment goals fails graduating as an agent, according to the Directorate of Recruitment of this security agency of the National Police.
This figure was confirmed by the greater Serafin Villarreal, Directorate of Recruitment at Howard, who said: "We deliver 100% to those passing academy enrollment. They are graduating about 65% by promotion, according to the amount that we will deliver. "
The reasons for this number of applicants does not finish its training process revolve around that do not adapt to the institution, and other family problems, even some are separated because they find any pending case with justice.
Meanwhile, in a thousand applicants who enroll, about 800 make it through all phases from the medical evaluation, psychological examination and various tests of general knowledge, Villarreal said.
The way for the formation of a police officer goes through a series of steps that serve as a filter, to be alone with the number of applicants who meet all the requirements. For example, in the first stage of the screening, "they come and spend a first entry, here and in the different areas, there is a physical assessment to the person, because when they come to be physical evaluation, there are many that are discarded because they do not meet certain standards, the official said. "This is because there are many eligible, for example, who have tattoos or too hole in the lobes, among others."
After fulfilling the selection process continuing six months to be interned in the police training centers in the country. Currently, the PN has three schools, two of them in the Acapol, located in the academy Belisario Porras and another extension in the province of Veraguas.
Students are taught general knowledge and expertise in human rights, also are trained physically and are tested regularly on their performance.
Approximately a year are performed six promotions. The recent trend shows that one in three applicants are female. This is sometimes difficult because there are few blocks (quarters) female, since this had always been a male profession, said Villarreal.
For a person to aspire to be an actor, you must meet requirements such as: do not spend 25 years of age, have no tattoos or holes in the earlobes, also have obtained high school, pass a psychological test, of general knowledge and good health.
In recent years, the demands of society on the growing insecurity have been the center of criticism of the security agency, which has been forced to step up their manpower.
This company currently has around 17 000 units, not including members of other security agencies such as the State Border Service (SENAFRONT) and the Naval Air Service (Senan), among others.
The latest report from Panama Asis, which brings together members of different private companies providing security services, revealed that the country employs about 17 000 500 units up, 500 more than the PN.

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