Friday, September 28, 2012

Panama Historical Association meeting

Panama Historical Society meeting:


Dear members and friends of the Historical Association of Panama:

The Panama Historical Association is pleased to invite you to the next regular meeting on Tuesday, October 2 in the National Library in Parque Omar in San Francisco.

The scheduled speaker is a member of the board of the AHP, Niko Liakópulos. Present the talk of "Notes and coins in Panamanian politics" that gave and was very well received during the Collectors Fair in September at the Hotel Panama

Niko was very young collector and specializes in coins, medals and tokens of Panama. He is a member of several numismatic associations in Panama, Colombia and the U.S.. He has written several articles and Panamanian numismatics has spoken at the Colegio Brader, the Athena Institute, and National Bank staff and Bank of Boston. His knowledge of the subject is so notorious that participated in the appraisals of numismatic collections of the National Bank and the Bank of Boston, as well as private collections.

We hope you can join us and enjoy this informative presentation.

The talk is scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm As it is sometimes problematic to find where to park, we recommend arriving a little early to park your car and enjoy the camaraderie with other history buffs before the speaker begins.

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