Saturday, August 25, 2012

More on Frank Gehry's Biodiversity Museum in Amador, Panama

Frank Gehry Designs Biodiversity Museum For Panama

August 24, 2012

Photo: Victoria Murillo/
Frank Gehry’s Museum of Biodiversity is currently under construction near the Pacific entrance of the Panama canal. The building features crinkled rooftops in a plethora of bright colors, visually suggesting diversity and the colorful flora and fauna of the world’s tropical regions. The museum also includes a series of gardens and biospheres by Bruce Mau Design, marking a wonderful integration of landscape with the built environment.
The museum pays homage to the isthmus of Panama, a geographic feature responsible for a large amount of biodiversity. The landbridge connects two previously separate continents, North and South America, and allowed the passage of land-based lifeforms between the two. It also is responsible for closing the Caribbean Sea from the Pacific Ocean, allowing the Gulf Stream to operate. The Museum’s visitor’s center, where the curious can view plans and models of the building, is open daily.

Images by Frank Gehry/Bruce Mau Design

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