Friday, August 10, 2012

Panama Approves new Canal Toll Increase

World Maritime News:

Government of Panama Approves Canal Toll Increase

Posted on Aug 9th, 2012 
Government of Panama Approves Canal Toll Increase
Following the recommendation from the Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the Cabinet Council of the Government of the Republic of Panama approved yesterday the proposal to restructure the Panama Canal’s pricing system.
“The new tolls structure was conceived in accordance with the commercial value that the route offers its users. We look forward to working alongside the industry to continue offering a reliable and competitive service,” said Panama Canal Authority Administrator/CEO Alberto Aleman Zubieta.
The new tolls were postponed to October 2012 and October 2013, respectively. After considering comments from the industry, the effective dates of the tolls increase were postponed three months to October 2012 and another 17 months to October 2013.
“The new structure offers price stability to the Panama Canal clients during the next two years, while the approved tolls remain below the value it offers as a safe, reliable and efficient route,” added Aleman Zubieta.
New Segments
The new structure increases the number of segments from eight to ten. It also breaks down the tanker segment into three distinct segments and incorporates the roll-on/roll-off vessels into the vehicle carrier segment. The Panama Canal market segmentation structure includes the following: (1) full container, (2) reefer, (3) dry bulk, (4) passenger, (5) vehicle carrier and ro-ro, (6) tanker, (7) chemical tanker, (8) LPG, (9) general cargo and (10) others. The container/breakbulk segment, which was included in the original proposal, has been eliminated.

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