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Panama museums budget problems

Panama museum budget problems  Panama America News:

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Panama museum budget problems  Panama America News:

Low budget slows restoration work in museums

20 | 08 | 2012
The company aims to achieve a larger budget for next year and to respond to all museums. In five of these sites, declared patrimony of the Nation, performed various repairs.
Melchizedek Quintero (melquisedec.quintero @ / PANAMA AMERICA

declaratory sites

  • [B] sites declared by the DNPH [/ B] can be buildings with historical value.
  • Supported values ​​must come from the community.
  • The application is submitted to the Director General of INAC.
  • There is analyzed and then forwarded to the Committee on Culture of the Assembly.

Figures delas restorations

  • Museums restores the Heritage History nationwide.
  • A thousand dollars was spent in 2012 to start the restoration of these sites.
  • Millions of dollars was the budget allocated to INAC in 2012.
The heritage of a country is part of the memory of a nation and its faithful preservation helps keep its secrets and history intact. In that sense, Panama holds within its territory a number of sites that have been declared historical patrimony of the Nation.
This large number of sites, the Heritage History of the National Institute of Culture, through a budget of only $ 650,000, began work on major structures such as the Museum of Religious Art, the Museum of History, the Museum Park The Archaeological Museum Nancito and Art History and José de Obaldia Orejuela, the latter two located in the province of Chiriqui. In total, the INAC manages about 18 museums nationwide.
On the low budget allocated for these activities, the Directorate of Cultural Heritage said that next year it aspires to achieve even greater than the budget this year in order to respond to the other museums in the country and continue with the works already begun.
Similarly, work on achieving contributions of private enterprise to achieve the community's commitment to care for and safeguard both museums and other historic sites and monuments that make up the inventory of movable property, the preservation of which is the responsibility of the institution, according to reports.
At the Museum of Religious Art, located in the village of San Felipe, Panama Province, is performed clearing and construction of new roof, plus floor shift, and the restoration of the altar of the Virgin of the Rosary, this Finally at an approximate cost of $ 90,000.
Meanwhile, in the Chiriqui province began the first stage of rehabilitation of the Museum of History and Art Obaldía Jose Orejuela, this involves maintenance activities of the joint structures (walls, floor, vertical and horizontal structures, stairs and balconies floors, plus removal of the plumbing and electrical).
In the same province, in the Archaeological Museum Nancito Park, located in the district of Remedios, are done cleaning, painting and replaced the real estate for the display of the pieces are housed there.
Meanwhile, at the Museum of Penonomé, located in the San Antonio, Penonomé, Cocle province, an agreement was signed between the Directorate of History and Heritage Minera Panama to this fund works including roofing and windows, bathrooms, walls, doors and floors. The work would last for four months with an investment of 83 thousand 500 dollars.
This agreement will allow the physical redevelopment of the site that consists of a set of buildings and houses typical of the Panamanian countryside. This museum is one of the most representative of the region because it preserves cultural elements and materials that give physiognomy.

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