Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ottawa News, more on missing Candian, Ed Moynan who was living in Panama

Ottawa Sun News:

Family of Ottawa businessman missing in Panama hire PI
By ,Ottawa Sun
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Ed Moynan
Ed Moynan has been reported missing in Panama. He is the retired former owner of Centennial Glass in Ottawa. (Facebook image)

As rumours swirl about the disappearance of former Ottawa businessman Ed Moynan, the family has hired a PI to help get to the bottom of it all.
Ed Moynan, 68, the retired former owner of Centennial Glass, disappeared Nov. 8 in the beachfront community of Coronado, Panama.
His wife, Louise, was visiting Ottawa at the time, which is why the disappearance wasn’t reported sooner. Their son Alex Moynan said she has returned to Ottawa again and has hired a private investigator to work the case as police continue to search for Ed and the rented Kia he was driving.
Panamanian investigators searched Ed Moynan’s home Nov. 15 and believe the case is suspicious because they found it in disarray — items missing and his eyeglasses broken.
Panama-Guide.com journalist Don Winner continues to follow the case closely.
He said there were two arrests on Nov. 20, but it’s not known if either man has been charged. The men were arrested at the El Rey supermarket in Coronado — the place where Moynan was last seen. In fact, according to Winner, the man who reported seeing Moynan there on the night of Nov. 8 was one of the men arrested. Like Moynan, the man is a Canadian ex-pat.
The other man is German.
Moynan’s house is only a few minutes drive from the supermarket.
Winner said the men were picked up in relation to a business dispute but the manner in which they were arrested leads him to believe there’s more to it.
“It’s not normal to have a 20-person SWAT team come in for a business dispute,” he said.
Winner said there is a bit of coincidence at play with the two men — both are involved with a business that Moynan considered buying more than a year ago.
“He decided not to buy the property,” Winner said.
The journalist said he’s been overwhelmed with calls and “tips” about Moynan’s disappearance.
“I’ve had 6 or 7 phone calls today,” he said. “The rumour mills are going crazy.”
He’s been told Moynan’s body was found in a burned-out car on three separate occasions — all false alarms.
“Police did find a burned out vehicle, but it was a Panamanian guy in a pick-up,” he said. “And there’s another Canadian missing on the other side of Panama which everyone thinks is connected, but it’s not. I’m following both investigations.”
There is a Facebook group called “Find Ed Moynan” which has attracted 368 followers.

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