Friday, November 30, 2012

Undate on Rio Hato airport construction

Source:  This airport will allow visitors direct access to resorts/hotels like DeCameron on the beach area 1 to 2 hour drive west of Panama City & the Tocumen Airport & also access to the Pedasi peninsular & it's beaches.  The David airport runway & terminal have also been extended & improved to allow international jet airliner access to this area near the Costa Rican boarder.--L.S.

Control Tower underconstruction
The new Rio Hato International Airport under construction
Municipal government in Anton demands payment of taxes, permit fees and a fine by the Costa Rican construction company
Work continues at the Rio Hato airport project, but... 
photos by Wendy Reaman, note by Eric Jackson
Meco, the Costa Rica-based multinational construction firm, is making slow but steady progress on its reconstruction of the World War II vintage US military airstrip at Farallon in Cocle province's Anton district into the Rio Hato International Airport. However, the company is in a dispute with the local government --- it claims that it is exempt from local taxes and the need to get local building permits. If the law actually means anything the company is probably wrong, and the city is threatening to stop work until taxes, permit fees and a $100,000 fine for non-payment of these are paid. It's a project dear to the hearts of the national government, including some of the real estate developers left in Martinelli's shrinking entourage, the Panama Tourism Authority and the seafood export business that the Papadimitriu family dominates and all of that diminishes the possibility that the city will actually shut the project down.

Panoramic view of the airport area

The Pan American highway will pass under the airport.  Since the airport was closed after World War II the highway had cut the airport in two, passed through the center of the airport where this tunnel is being built.

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