Friday, June 15, 2012

Fire in Rio Abajo, Panamá

Rio Abajo is a very poor slum area east of downtown Panama City ~~ Lou:

55 Families Left Homeless After Rio Abajo Fire

The Minister of Housing and Zoning, Jose Domingo Arias, said today he would be meeting today at 10:00 am with a social and engineering team of the institution to evaluate the options they might provide to those who were left homeless by the fire in Rio Abajo. "We will evaluate the area to see if they can be located in the same sector, the problem would be the land because there is no room to build new buildings, however we will not rule out all possible options to provide assistance to these families," he said on TVN Noticias. He added that the team from this entity will be responsible for evaluation of the families who spent the night at the homes of other relatives or in a hotel, paid for by the office of the Mayor of Panama City. Approximately 55 families lost all of their belongings yesterday, after an old building, known as the Corotú barracks, was entirely consumed by the flames of a fire reported yesterday in Calle 13, Rio Abajo. (Panama America)

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