Monday, June 11, 2012

Premier Restaurant in Boquete, Panama

Front Entrance to Las Ruinas

From Boquete Panama Guide:
Boquete, a small town within a small town
Posted: 10 Jun 2012 06:55 AM PDT
Boquete Panama is a sky island, a small town at the end of the road leading form David into the hills of Panama. Within the District of some fifteen thousand people lives a smaller English speaking community from around the world. Whether people like it or not some of those new immigrants are transforming Boquete into a unique environment.

By chance and because Las Ruinas had both Jazz and Lobsters, Mayra, my son Nicholas and I made it to Las Ruinas last night. We encountered not only an excellent performance by the Fantasy Jazz band, not only excellent food but also two birthday celebrations for two expats, who each in his own way has helped to shape the current Boquete.

I should say the food was so good that my son needed to try a many course meal, lobster, followed by filet minon, followed by a gargantuan ice-cream Sunday followed by birthday cake, twice. He is still sleeping it off as Mayra and I are drinking coffee.
Craig Jacobs operates both Las Ruinas and now the Bistro Boquete. Harry has helped people settle here and Craig has help create great, consistent dining and a venue for good music.FYI: Las Ruinas website is
  If you go to Boquete don't miss eating at Las Ruinas, it's located south the Boquete on the east side of the Boquete highway about 8 kilometers south of the pueblo. Craig Jacobs is from New York & is married to a Panamanian. ~~comment by Lou
Craig Jacobs from New York at his bar in Las Ruinas

Rack of ribs on the barbie

Swimming pool out back

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