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WITH PANAMA", by award-winning journalist HINDI DIAMOND, is available
for you to purchase by sending her an order via email to:

The book gives a real inside glimpse into what life was like for you,
your parents and grand-parents when The Canal Was a territory of the United States, from a person
who lived it. Diamond writes about her exciting adventures in the
Canal Zone and Panama, covering late-breaking news for THE PANAMA
AMERICA. She traveled almost 40 miles a day (with an
UN-air conditioned car) to cover the Canal Zone District courts; the
Canal Zone police happenings, The Theater Guild, and the colorful
people who helped maintain the Panama Canal until it was turned over
to Panama.

Her close friendships with the Zonians is reflected in her stories
about them, and you might find some of your friends or family included
in her 80 photos printed in the book.

Besides all Canal Zone activities, she writes about famous people that
came to our shores. President Eisenhower presided over the lst Summit
of the Americas in 1956 which saw every leader of Latin America in
Panama in a historic meeting captured for The Panama American;
Argentine dictator Juan Peron found exile in Panama and was caught by
our intrepid reporter writing his memoir in his underwear at the
Hotel Washingtonand and the exclusive photo was published in LIFE
Magazine. When ex-King Leopold of Belgium was lost in the San Blas
jungles, generating frantic appeals from his country, again Diamond
was the only reporter/photographer who flew there and found him. The
book is dotted with inside stories and anecdotes which were published
around the world.

This reporter was the "spokeswoman" for Zonians in their fight to urge
Congress to grant them a 25% pay differential, which they received,
and she aired their grievances in the Panama American since they were
not allowed to strike. You might find friends or relatives in the
colorful stories that dot the pages of her book GRINGA.

Besides presidents and dictators, she presents a never-before told
story of Americans living in a foreign country that formed an extended
family of several generations who lived through riots and revolutions,
government control and new and exotic cultures and emerged as a
vibrant group who treasured their years on the Isthmus. Their lives
and accomplishments must be preserved for future generations.

Read intimate glimpses of legendary ballerina MARGOT FONTEYN, who
married Roberto Arias, former Ambassador to England and came back to
live with him in Panama. Read about actor John Wayne's infatuation
and frequent visits to Panama, and other famous show biz vips like Bob
Hope, Jimmy Stewart, and others who came to entertain. Included are
interviews and photos of world-wide leaders, Golda Meir, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth who graced our shores.

Labor leaders in the Zone; cops and judges in the Canal Zone court,
Gorgas Hospital doctors get their stories told, Panama musician, Lucho
Azcarraga, and even the infamous Barkeep, Max Bilgray of the
well-known Tropico Bar on the Atlantic side, (who was the first to
know everything that was going on in town and shared it with our
reporter) was featured in her story published in TIME Magazine. You
might see some of your friends and relatives on the pages of GRINGA.
It is a lively book filled with exclusive stories and anecdotes of a
time gone by that must be preserved.

Hindi has received numerous honors, including the distinguished Gold
Presidential Amador Guerro Award for excellence in journalism from
the President of Panama in 1997; the first American, and first woman to
have this honor bestowed on her for her news coverage in The Panama
American and abroad as a foreign correspondent for TIME/LIFE, UNITED
PRESS, NEWSWEEK and other publications. She was President of Women in
Communications and is presently Vice-President of the S. Florida International Press Club and appears in Who's Who of Distinguished American Women.

She also keeps active by teaching Writing and Media at Florida
International University, has ghost-written 12 books for people in
various fields of endeavor and helps aspiring writers to record their
life stories.

So get your copy of GRINGA now for $19.95 by sending your request to
Hindi Diamond, 100 Golden Isles, Apt. 914, Hallendale, Fl. 33009 ***
and ENJOY reminiscing about your exciting, colorful life in the Canal

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