Thursday, June 7, 2012

Train Accident in Panamá

From TVN news: A freight train of the Panama Canal Railway rammed a vehicle that was in the middle of the railroad tracks at Pedro Miguel. The heavy vehicle carrying a crane, suffered mechanical problems and although it gave the warning, the train operator could not stop in time. The accident caused the failure of power lines, also generated a fuel spill from the vehicle. Result of this accident, the treatment plant Miraflores is without electricity, causing the suspension of water supply in areas that are supplied by this waterworks. The accident caused no injuries, as it was reported that the occupants of the mule were evacuated before being given the impact. Meanwhile, the Panama Canal Authority, said through his twitter account that the operations of the Panama Canal are maintained regularly. At this time we work to restore water service in Miraflores. Last May, a similar accident occurred in the Miraflores Locks, where the freight train collided with a sedan type vehicle, which was the injured person.

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