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Karate contest in Panama

JKA/WF Guyana Karate team haul in 13 medals at Panama
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The JKA/WF Guyana team that competed at the just concluded JKA/WF America 2012 Karate Camp and Goodwill tournament from June 7 – 10 in Panama City returned to these shores stacked up with 13-medals, a happy and more experienced unit.
Competing at this tournament for the 4th consecutive year, the
Proud Faces!!! The successful Guyana team displays their silverware won at the JKA/WF America 2012 Karate Championships held in Panama City.
10-member Guyanese team captured 5 Gold, 6 Silver and a Bronze medal. The team, drawn from the JKA/WF Guyana – (National Park Dojo HQ) comprised of 5 senior competitors and one Coach along with four young athletes.
According to reports, the Panamanian atmosphere was tropical, similar to that of Guyana and on competition day team Guyana was in high competitive spirits.
Competition got underway in the boys division (white to orange belt) and 7 year-old Camiel Melville (8th Kyu) placed 1st in Kata and 2nd in Kumite. Eleven year-old Loren Black (7th Kyu) placed 1st in Kumite and 1st Kata in her division; both Melville and Black competing against mainly Panamanians in this division.
Thirteen year-old Xavier Arjoon (1st Kyu Brown belt) defeated all his competitors which included Panamanians, Costa Ricans, Americans and Mexicans to grab the top spot in both Kata and Kumite. Arjoon’s division also had a merger of brown and black belts and he made light work of them all.
It was then the turn of 15 year-old Shaqueel Amin (1st Dan) who faced seasoned competition from Panama and the USA and like his colleagues, made his mark by copping silver medals in both Kata and Kumite.
Shermon Kyte and Marlon George (both Shodan – 1st degree black belt) had their work cut out for them too as this was a huge division with many entrants but they delivered against seasoned competitors of higher ranks despite being new comers to this division.
Marlon George took bronze in the Kata competition against the Panamanians, Mexicans, Venezuelans and Costa Ricans. Continuing in the adult category, 61 year-old Godfrey Taylor met competition from the USA, Panama and Mexico in the over 45-year division and was lauded for his strong performance.
Competition climaxed with the team Kata event, and Guyana again penetrated this category as Shankar Singh, Marlon George and Shermon Kyte (all 1st Dan – Black belt) put together a strong Jion to gain Silver despite the other regions being very competitive.
JKA/WF Guyana came in for high praise from JKA/WF America official Mr. Yasuaki Nagatomo who at the Country representative meeting stated that Guyana is the role model for excellence, making particular mention of the Country’s efficient level of administration, documentation and pro-activeness.
Nagamoto noted that this is a Region that he is pleased with and have invited the Chief Instructor Sensei Christopher Chaves to take his 5th Dan testing at the next International event.
The JKA/WF Guyana Committee and team is expressing thanks their main sponsors, Courtney Benn Contraction Services Ltd, Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, Hand-in-Hand Mutual Fire and Life Insurance and mother company Cellular Planet Inc. along with Demerara Distillers Limited and Geddes Grant for the instrumental roles they have played in the success of the team.

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