Saturday, October 27, 2012

Banks, hotels & business effected by vandalism/violence in Colon, Panama

Below from the Panama America News. No news on what is happening to the cruise ships & industry at the port, "assume" they are NOT stopping at Colon?:

Banking system is paralyzed and entrepreneurs call for calm
27 | 10 | 2012
At least $ 25 million trade bill stopped.

Rafael Berrocal (rafael.berrocal @ / PANAMA AMERICA
The banking system and the capital city of Colon closed yesterday at half-time (assume noon~~LS) operations for fear that acts of vandalism were extended to branches.
At least two banks and several ATMs were affected. The Superintendency of Banks said yesterday that the closure was an individual decision of each bank, without going into details.
The BBVA confirmed that Peru Avenue branch was vandalized during the protests of the construction worker.Also damage was reported at the branch of the National Bank of Panama located in the same block.
Much of the commercial and industrial operations also closed early, some for fear of violence and other considering that the public transport stopped working. Appliance stores, clothing, jewelry and mini-super markets in Calidonia sector were seriously affected.
Yesterday, the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP), the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of the Republic of Panama (Fedecámaras) and the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) made a joint appeal for calm and immediate cessation of violence and vandalism.
Figures of the Comptroller of the movement argue that retail is 25 million per day and 11.8 million in manufacturing.
"We call on the authorities to establish public order and group leaders who are in the street, who have every right to express their opposition to do so respecting the fundamental rights of citizenship without affecting goods and private property, "the three business groups.
They also asked the corporate sector to safeguard the security of its business and its staff, within the framework of the rule of law and tolerance.
"We join the voices of civil society and reject the growing negative impact they have raised conflicts as that generated tensions, violent reactions, clashes and irreparable loss of life, and compromises the public peace, situations that intensify mistrust citizens in democratic institutions, "the statement said.
Banks and trade have not quantified the losses were by acts of vandalism yesterday.
Another sector was also affected by the violence was the hotel business.

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