Saturday, October 20, 2012

Panama Canal, seen in Imax 3D

La Prensa News, Panama:

Panama Canal, seen in Imax 3D

The producer Gordon Bijelonic plans to conduct the first documentary to show the journey through the Panama Canal in Imax 3D cinema format.
PRODUCER. Gordon Bijelonic PRESS / Gabriel Rodriguez
The actor, film producer and businessman Gordon Bijelonic U.S., arriving at Panama was impressed with the potential for establishing a film industry.
The producer of films like Another Happy Day, with Demi Moore, explains that one of the reasons that make calls to Panama is the first documentary about the Panama Canal in Imax 3D format. "You'll Canal history, how it is now, the construction process and future progress. It will not be your typical documentary information ".
"People do not really know how big they are post-Panamax vessels indeed. And what better way to show that in a 3D IMAX film. When ships pass through the locks, you'll see them moving. It will be much more spectacular than what you might see in a common format of film. "
This project, which is in talks to offer it to National Geographic, has the support of state institutions. "We have all approvals of the Panama Canal Authority. We plan to start pre-production in October and begin filming on November 26, "he explains.
Furthermore, Bijelonic with a group of Panamanian businessmen plan to build the first movie theater in Panama exclusive IMAX 3D films and a space for film studios. "We've seen several theaters, and at the end of the year will decide whether to build an entirely new one or find a place and make it a special theater for this format. For now we have three sites in mind, "he said.
The producer hopes to complete the film by July 2013 and have the room to project list.

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