Monday, October 8, 2012

Update on Manuel Noriega

Manuel A. Noriega returns to El Renacer, after being discharged

08 | 10 | 2012
While hospitalized, he underwent several tests.
Manuel A.  Noriega returns to El Renacer, after being discharged  Manuel Antonio Noriega (Archive)
Writing (nació / PANAMA AMERICA
After being held for four days in the hospital Santo Tomás (HST), the former general Manuel A. Noriega was discharged.
In a press release sent by the Directorate General Penitentiary, was reported yesterday that Noriega, who has been held since last Wednesday in the HST to perform some tests of Urology, would be transferred to the prison El Renacer.
According to the note, the doctors will determine the processes to follow once back to the cell, where he stayed from December last year, when he returned to Panama after being extradited from France.

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