Monday, October 8, 2012

Panama Canal expansion, movie and legacy

From a friend in Panama:

Canal expansion, movie and legacy
Couple of articles by Juliette Kayyem from the Boston Globe on the Panama Canal.
And the Canal in Nicaragua continues with hopes and dreams in this article by Tim Johnson,
Coming soon, the Panama Canal in IMAX 3D
Movie producer and US businessman, Gordo Bijelonic, came to Panama and was so impressed at the potential to establish a cinema industry here that he decided to do a documentray in the 3D format. It will have the history of the Canal, how it is now, the process of construction and what it may look like in the future. This won't be your typical documentray.  They are in conversation with National Geographics, have the backing of various governmental institutions and the approval of the Panama Canal Authority.  Preproduction set for October, filming to begin in November and should be completed by July 2013. They'll also set up a special 3D format theater for viewing.
Here's an article out of the Panama America newspaper from the supplement SIETE reference the revereted areas of the old Canal Zone;
The "Gringo" Legacy by Marlina Lopez and Vircy Duarte. With the first 17 buildings and 8 family housing units on Fort Amador being turned over back in 1979, how much has changed?
I guess the authors of the article were looking underneath many of the changes that have taken place and that are highly visible. What they see are the things that haven't changed or changed in ways not expected, areas abandoned  not being used, converted for other uses and in the end, was it all worth it.
It is a somewhat long and interesting article and Mr. Robert M. Staples, former resident, also gives his views in there as does  Karina Huynh.  According to the Department of Reverted Lands, about 3 % of the area remains to be developed.

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